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Autumn is the harvest season and the best time for decoration. More and more people begin to decorate their houses. Major furniture cities and decoration companies in Wuhan have also launched preferential promotional activities, and a "decoration boom" has been set off in the city for a time. But when people are waiting for the results of decoration, they also wait for many home decoration "traps"

in March this year, Ms. Wang, who bought a new house, got the key and began to decorate the new house. After layer by layer comparison, she finally signed a decoration contract with a small decoration company in Wuhan at the price of 60000 yuan. But after half of the decoration, the decoration company told her that painting the door pocket needed additional money. "They said that the quotation did not include this item at that time. So, I checked the quotation again and found that the price of the door pocket was listed in the quotation, but it was not clearly stated that the paint cost was included. I thought the price of the door pocket they said included all the costs of making a door pocket."

according to insiders, the competition in the home decoration market is fierce now, and some designers tend to fiddle with the quotation in order to facilitate their own signing. When signing the contract, the owner felt that the price was very low and seemed to have caught a "big bargain", but he didn't want to see how there would be a "pie in the sky". When it comes to construction, the owner will find that many projects have great errors, and even some projects required by the owner have no quotation in the contract at all. And in the process of the project, new projects will continue to emerge, and the natural price will also rise

in the decoration, the owner can also guard against these traps, such as carefully checking the quotation and construction drawings, or going to a number of decoration materials market research before the decoration, but in the purchase of furniture and electrical appliances, the owner seems to have only accepted

many owners recently appealed at the Wuhan Decoration Forum and bitterly claimed that they bought a fabric sofa of 3680 yuan in a large furniture market. When they went to this store recently, they found that the sofa only made a simple change to the armrest, but changed into the latest version of this year, and the price was more than 1000 yuan higher than the "old model". In this regard, the salesperson explained that although the styles are similar, the raw materials, freight and workers' wages have all increased. The new products are based on the new price system, and the pricing standard will naturally increase. Such an explanation, as an ordinary consumer, can only be reluctantly accepted. "Knowing it was slaughtered, I can't say that the feeling of mute eating Coptis really needs the control of the relevant departments." A netizen said in the forum





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