Main varieties of furniture paint and application

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At present, the commonly used coatings in furniture manufacturing enterprises include: nitrocellulose coating (NC), acid curing coating (AC), unsaturated resin coating (PE), polyurethane coating (PU), UV curing coating (UV), and water-based coating (water)

the following is a brief introduction to the product characteristics and process of the above paint varieties

I. nitrocellulose coating (NC)

its advantages:

1. Rapid drying. The general paint drying time takes 24 hours, while the nitrocellulose paint can be dried as long as more than ten minutes. This will greatly save construction time and improve work efficiency

2. Simple construction. Nitro paint is a one component product, which can be sprayed by adding an appropriate amount of Tianna water when mixing

3. Stable gloss: less affected by the environment

its disadvantages:

1, insufficient fullness. Due to the low solid content of nitrocellulose paint, it is difficult to form a thick paint film

2. Insufficient hardness. The hardness of nitrocellulose coating is generally BH

3. The paint film surface is not solvent resistant

common processes:

1, NC bottom, NC surface. It is widely used in antique furniture (American painting). Most of the performance effects are open effect

2, Pu bottom, NC surface. In this way, it is easier to solve the problems of poor filling force, insufficient fullness and hardness of NC paint

construction method:

1, dip coating

2, spraying (including electrostatic spraying, manual spraying, computer automatic spraying)

3, roller coating

future development:

1, the yellowing resistance of NC paint is relatively poor. But at present, there are NC solid color paints that can keep yellow for 2 years

2. Hardness of NC paint. Now paint enterprises with sand are conducting special research. NC paint with 2H or more is just around the corner

II. Acid solid paint (AC)

its advantages:

1. The paint film is hard and wear-resistant

2. The paint film has high heat resistance, water resistance and cold resistance

3. It has good transparency

4. It has good yellowing resistance

its disadvantages: because the paint contains free formaldehyde, it causes serious physical damage to the constructor, and most enterprises no longer use this kind of products

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