Shengyou wood door is really good. It's really goo

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? Summary: Dalian Shengyou door industry Co., Ltd. -- the leading brand of pure solid wood doors in China, has the world's largest single solid wood door factory, covering an area of more than 100000 square meters

Shengyou wooden door - the material is good, but it is good

[a good wooden door precipitated in 26 years]

? Summary: Dalian Shengyou door industry Co., Ltd. -- the leading brand of pure solid wood doors in China, has the world's largest solid wood door monomer factory, covering an area of more than 100000 square meters. It is a large wood production enterprise integrating product research and development, production, sales and service of high-end solid wood doors, solid wood windows, whole wood furniture and other products

for 26 years, Dalian Shengyou door industry has focused on R & D and production in the field of wood industry, from log import, wood planing, production and processing, brand sales, to product R & D, installation and after-sales, truly realizing the operation of the whole industrial chain of wood industry

1. Log storage

Shengyou brings together high-quality wood from all over the world, including American red oak, cherry wood, alder, boxwood, African red walnut and Russian Scotch pine

in Shengyou log storage base, 24-hour circulating water method is adopted to maintain the stability of log material, ensure no cracking and blue change, and ensure product quality from the source

2. Professional timber making

the cured logs are processed into planing squares and plates according to the growth characteristics and different uses of the wood. By scanning the shape, size and quality of the logs, a reasonable sawing scheme is allocated to obtain the maximum yield

after cooking and softening, the planed square is made into wood veneers of different thickness, and then processed by drying equipment for standby

3. One time drying, secondary balance

the drying kiln can dry 2000 cubic meters at a time, and various parameters can be automatically adjusted and controlled. All boards are naturally aged after drying at one time, so as to relax the internal stress of the wood and ensure the stability of the wood

all components achieve secondary balance in the balance kiln, and the long-term stability of the product is achieved by balancing the internal moisture content

4. Professional core material production line, solid wood cutting production line and parts workshop

professional core material production line and solid wood cutting production line, whole process inspection and monitoring

in the component workshop, the components with similar texture and consistent color are screened out in strict accordance with the standard for use

5. The assembly workshop

assembles all parts and selects and inspects them during the assembly process

6. Grinding paint workshop

all adopt environmental friendly paint, with full, natural and soft paint, restoring the natural essence of wood

7.12 quality inspection, keep improving

process by process, quality inspection by layer, from log to wooden door finished products, a total of 12 quality inspections, the whole process sampling of component products, and 100% quality inspection of ex factory finished products

8. Professional logistics distribution

reach special vehicle and special line cooperation with professional logistics distribution and transportation service agencies to ensure the safety and timeliness of products throughout the process

? Summary: Shengyou takes "making every Chinese people can afford solid wood doors" as its own responsibility, and realizes the true color of being close to the people with high cost performance solid wood door products. It decorates rationally and selects Shengyou wooden doors





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