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New anti-counterfeiting technology for packaging products

recently. A new anti-counterfeiting technology is used in the packaging design, which is the cecvseal technology of Barco at the time of testing. This technology is to add anti-counterfeiting features to the pattern design of experimental equipment, which is mainly used to change the performance of various materials. It can be easily identified without increasing the printing cost. At the same time, the packaging products made by the advanced secvseal professional anti-counterfeiting design are unable or difficult to copy

because hidden structures can be embedded in the design. A warning message will appear when this product is copied. Secvseal provides a complete set of tools to verify the authenticity of products. This is also the basic characteristic of lignin/polypropylene (PP) of secvseal. Like other barcofastlane products, secvseal design and assembly system has the productivity of plate separation. The anti-counterfeiting module is integrated into the standard interface to ensure the highest efficiency. The powerful, flexible and interactive performance of the system makes the designed packaging products creative

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