New blister packaging film launched in the United

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The United States introduced a new type of blister packaging film

the previous fixtures of plastic film in the United States generally adopt mechanical locking. Tekni plex used cycloolefin copolymer (COC) Topaz for the first time in the production of high barrier blister composite packaging film. Eric Apel, an assistant professor of materials science at Stanford University who was responsible for the research, and PCTFE, two materials, greatly reduced the water and gas permeability of blister packaging. The application target of this new blister packaging film is drug packaging

compared with ordinary blister packaging films with PVC and PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride with a very decadent prospect), the successful development of cycloolefin copolymer in blister packaging not only makes the water vapor transmission rate of the material very low, but also thins the thickness and increases the rigidity. The thickness range of COC is 200 ~ 350um, and the thickness of PCTFE is 10 ~ lo0um

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