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New directions for future application of energy interconnection technology

since 2016, "blockchain" has been widely known by Zhang Liyu. It is considered as a subversive innovation in computing mode after mainframe, personal computer and interconnection. With the advantages of decentralization, openness, autonomy, information tamperability and anonymity, it has become a hot topic of public attention and a key driver for promoting the reform of the financial service industry and the application of Internet and IOT

in the face of new technologies, Zhejiang electric power is taking action. In the process of accelerating the construction of a modern energy integrated service enterprise, the company has been committed to strengthening information and data management, and carrying out application research pilot projects of the combination of "big cloud mobile intelligence" technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and graph computing with electricity business

it is reported that the blockchain technology originated from the 2008 paper bitcoin: a point-to-point e-cash system, which proposed an e-cash flow system completely realized through point-to-point technology. In the system, payments can be directly initiated by one party and paid to the other party without the participation of any intermediate financial institutions

take the Internet platform as an example. The current Internet service platform is essentially a (trust) intermediary and is centralized. Users use Taobao, Didi, meituan, Alipay and other (trust) intermediaries to complete shopping, travel, order meals, pay, etc. What blockchain should do is to remove these intermediaries, that is, the so-called "decentralization". It is organically composed of cancer distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, security encryption and other technologies known as buildings. It can provide solutions to the problems of high cost, low efficiency and unsafe data storage that commonly exist in the business transactions of centralized institutions

"blockchain +" power

ensuring electronic data security

relevant researchers of Zhejiang Electric Power Research Institute said that "blockchain +" power can bring trust to the power system, stimulate business model innovation, improve network security, and make the whole power system ecology more safe and efficient

it is reported that in the informatization process of the power system, data are stored in one "center", which can not fully ensure the authenticity and reliability of the data and is difficult to prove its innocence. The blockchain adopts a series of technologies such as distributed storage and cryptography to ensure that the experimental machine is also easy to damage and the data cannot be tampered with, ensure the authenticity of the data, and provide important network infrastructure for power metering, trading, finance and other aspects

as the pilot unit of "Internet +" marketing service innovation of State Grid Corporation of China, Zhejiang electric power is carrying out application research on electronic data preservation, point exchange, data transaction, etc. based on blockchain technology. With the promotion of paperless contracts, the authenticity and integrity of electronic contract data become particularly important. Zhejiang electric power is trying to run the electronic contract management on the blockchain. After the electronic contract is signed, it will be sent to the notary office and the judicial authentication institution synchronously to ensure the consistency of data stored by all parties through the blockchain technology. The notary office and the judicial authentication institution endorse the data to increase the authority, authenticity and credibility of the data

the blockchain is trying to solve such a problem: the electronic data are stored in the State Grid Corporation of China. Theoretically, the company can modify it at will, and there may be disputes. If the key data is saved to a third party at the same time, and the consistency of data of all parties is ensured through the blockchain, it can be used as a legal basis in case of disputes and self-evident. At the same time, Zhejiang electric power also focuses on the application of blockchain in energy interconnection to explore new ways for the realization of energy interconnection

blockchain application

is expected to become an energy interconnection technology solution

as a new form of development of the energy industry, energy interconnection is an inevitable development trend of the power industry, but there are still a series of problems such as accurate calculation. At the same time, the company also expands its supply chain volume, ubiquitous interaction, self-discipline control, optimization decision-making, wide area coordination and so on by increasing warehouse locations around the world. Blockchain is a powerful means to solve these problems

experts believe that there are many similarities between blockchain and energy interconnection in terms of technical and commercial application characteristics. For example, there are scenarios that require a lot of computing in energy interconnection, such as the operation, scheduling and analysis of energy systems. By making use of the computing power of blockchain through technical research, the computing speed of energy interconnection can be improved and the computing cost can be reduced; The blockchain uses the consensus mechanism and incentive mechanism to coordinate the participation of a large number of subjects on a large scale and solve the problems involving large-scale subject collaboration, such as power optimization and virtual power plants. Blockchain technology is expected to become one of the important technical solutions for the future application of energy interconnection

Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. has undertaken the research on the security application of blockchain technology in energy interconnection, and carried out research on information security and industrial control security based on blockchain technology. At present, it is in the theoretical research stage. Subsequently, the company will carry out relevant research based on blockchain technology and create low-carbon energy demonstration applications in combination with the comprehensive pilot demonstration project of Jiaxing urban energy interconnection

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