New blue inorganic pigments used in the most sensi

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A new blue inorganic pigment applied in the odor sensitive field

ink href= "/comm total experimental force on/shared/ctl/displayeditorial.css" type=text/css rel=stylesheet> Spain nuobilai inorganic pigment company is a family enterprise established in 1914, specializing in the production of inorganic pigments. The company has developed a new type of blue inorganic pigment, which is specially used in applications that are very sensitive to odor. This pigment named nubiperf FCP not only ensures the good sensory performance required by the simple design of food fixtures, cosmetics packaging, medical treatment and drugs can be packaged by tightening the central bolt, but also has the same performance as Qun cyan. In fact, nuobiperf FCP produced by nubilai company needs to borrow money to make the process, which can significantly reduce the sulfur attached to the pigment structure, greatly reduce the sulfur derivatives attached to the pigment structure by sulfide, and thus reduce the sulfur odor to a recognized level. In addition, the good sensory properties of nubiperf FCP can remain unchanged under high temperature and high shear stress

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