New achievements of Qilu Petrochemical chlor alkal

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The new achievement of Qilu Petrochemical chlor alkali plant won the science and Technology Progress Award

the news came from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. After strict evaluation, a new achievement of Qilu Petrochemical chlor alkali plant, the technology and application of reactive supersonic flame spraying synthetic ceramic coating such as high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, thermal cycle, etc., won the third prize of science and technology progress award

reactive supersonic flame spraying synthetic ceramics are easy to wear, reliable and stable in operation. The coating technology uses the heat provided by the arc to heat the powder materials to the melting state, and spray the fine and dispersed coating materials onto the surface of metal materials through compressed air flow to obtain a high bonding strength and dense ceramic protective film, so as to improve the hardness and corrosion resistance of metal materials,

this technology can extend the service life of the oxygen chlorination reactor distributor of the vinyl chloride unit of the plant from four months to more than one year

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