New blue sea, the most popular market after Weicha

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After Weichai opened the market, the new blue sea took the initiative in development

after Weichai opened the market, the new blue sea took the initiative in development

20 the raw material is aliphatic isocyanate China Construction Machinery Information

with the 10-year blowout development of commercial vehicles, the commercial vehicle aftermarket has ushered in a good year of strong development. The post market business with unlimited business opportunities is becoming a new round of competitive hot spot for more and more automobile manufacturers and key parts companies. As the strategic business of the five largest enterprises in Weichai, due to the large amount and wide range of mechanical and electrical use, the national development and Reform Commission attaches 10 points to the implementation of high-efficiency mechanical and electrical products. How to seize the opportunity, stand firm in the new blue ocean of the post market, and grasp the initiative of the post market business development? Maybe we can find some answers from the post market chapter of the 2015 business conference

In 2014, Weichai initially established three product systems of oil products, spare parts and remanufacture. Among them, the oil system includes 6 categories, 20 sub categories, 87 models and 217 specifications, and newly launched "construction machinery oil"; The spare parts are divided into five categories: assembly parts, maintenance parts, remanufactured parts, special tools and special supporting equipment; Remanufactured engines are classified according to Standard Version, simplified version and short version

in order to actively advocate the active operation of dealers, Weichai post market launched a series of marketing activities in 2014, which also showed multiple effects in product sales, channel expansion and market promotion

"1+2+2+1" to make 2015 more stable and better

under the guidance of the post market strategy of "strategic guidance, channel sharing and win-win development", in 2015, Weichai continued to adhere to the core post market concept of "saving money for customers and making money through channels", and put forward the "1+2+2+1" work measures, that is, fighting a hard battle, improving two abilities, exploring two modes and creating a benign market environment

Weichai post market launched the post market channel capacity improvement plan through the joint consulting company

for the improvement of internal personnel management and control ability, Weichai post market evaluates business personnel from five dimensions: business mastery, communication, analysis and guidance, and establishes a benign survival of the fittest mechanism to achieve the overall improvement of the overall quality of internal personnel

in exploring the two modes, Weichai post market mainly takes product innovation as the starting point to expand product lines, add new products, and create a new profit model that can produce peek monofilament through new channels

in order to better maintain the market order and create a benign market environment, during 2014, Weichai, in accordance with the relevant contract provisions, reported and investigated four defaulting dealers, and set up five "League regions" in Inner Mongolia, Shenyang, Chengdu, Linyi and Hangzhou, which effectively maintained the market order in the region. At this post market meeting, Weichai reiterated and emphasized the regional fleeing and low price competition in the measures for the management of central warehouses, and invited all representatives of central warehouses to sign the "thirteen articles of good faith management" contract, so as to enhance the dealers' awareness of good faith and strive to build a fair and healthy market environment

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