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A new biodegradable coating for disposable tableware the degradable disposable tableware permitted by the state is made of paper fiber, straw and edible starch, and then coated with a waterproof and oil-proof coating on the surface. The available coatings on the market today are non degradable polymer coatings. The surface of this kind of tableware is still a source of white pollution. In cooperation with Professor tianbingshou of Wuhan University and yangyuanli senior engineer, in order to completely eliminate the white pollution caused by the waterproof and waterproof oil layer of such tableware, hundreds of research and tests have been carried out on a variety of formulas, treatment processes and coating applications, and a biodegradable coating based on edible oil has been prepared with a safe distance after modified treatment

wide sources of raw materials and low prices; The modified treatment is low temperature, normal pressure, no emission and low energy consumption; The coating is a water-based white lotion, non-toxic, harmless and odorless; Strong adhesion, good film-forming property, can be brushed, drenched and sprayed; It shall be stored for more than half a year without deterioration. In case of thickening, it can be adjusted to the required viscosity with water, and the performance remains unchanged; The residual paint on the coating tool can be easily removed with water; After coating, it shall be dried at 130-160 ℃ for 4-5 minutes, and the non-toxic gas shall be discharged during the drying process. How to solve the problem of floating fiber used for foaming straw ABS glass fiber reinforced material? The rod fiber tableware has been tested by Wuhan Institute of quality inspection and Wuhan University Test Center, and has fully reached the technical indicators specified in gb18001.6. Satisfactory results have also been obtained in the use of paper fiber food powder tableware. The tableware will not change color, deteriorate or be invariable when stored under packaging conditions. Its characteristics: it can be used as fertilizer after being biodegraded in soil, and can promote plant growth. It will disintegrate and degrade with tableware when entering water

this biodegradable coating provides an indispensable product for realizing the real full degradation of disposable tableware with 80 years of extrusion forming technology of gold medical, and will replace the non degradable synthetic polymer coating, with a broad market prospect. People of insight are welcome to participate in cooperative production and bring the product to the market as soon as possible

developed by: Tian bingshou, Yang Yuanli

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