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New application of heat shrinkable packaging technology

shrinkable film is a kind of thermoplastic that is stretched and oriented in the production process, but heated and shrunk in the use process. The representative manufacturers are Dalian Borong, which extracts vanadium from petroleum fly ash or slag, and Liaoning Hongjing group, which extracts vanadium from vanadium containing waste catalyst. They focus on the development of new chemical materials, new photoelectric information materials, special metals and metal matrix composites, special fiber composites New inorganic non-metallic materials and other 5 types of advanced new material films. The heat shrinkability of film was applied as early as 1936. At first, rubber film was mainly used to shrink and package perishable food. Nowadays, heat shrinkable technology has been developed to almost use plastic shrinkable film to package all kinds of goods. In addition, shrink packaging is also used to make shrink labels and shrink bottle caps, so that containers that are not easy to print or have complex shapes can be labeled. Recently, more and more new application fields have been developed

production technology and characteristics: thick films are usually produced by extrusion blow molding or extrusion casting, and then stretched longitudinally and transversely at a high elastic state temperature above the softening temperature and below the melting temperature, or stretched in one direction only, while not stretched in the other direction. The former is called biaxial tensile shrinkage film, and the latter is called unidirectional shrinkage film. When in use, when the temperature is higher than or close to the drawing temperature, the packed goods can be wrapped up with reliable shrinkage force

shrink packaging has the following advantages:

1) it has beautiful appearance and is close to the goods, so it is also called body fitted packaging, which is suitable for the packaging of goods of different shapes

2) good protection. If the inner packaging of shrink packaging is combined with the transport packaging suspended on the outer packaging, it can have better protection

3) good cleaning performance, especially suitable for the packaging of precision instruments and sophisticated electronic components

4) good economy

5) it has good anti-theft property. A variety of foods can be packed together with a large shrink film to avoid loss

6) good stability, and the goods will not be staggering in the packaging film

7) good transparency, customers can directly see the product content

market development and typical applications

the materials used for heat shrinkable films are mainly various thermoplastic films. Initially, PVC shrink film was mainly used. With the continuous development of market demand, PVC shrink film gradually decreased, while various PE, PP, pet, PVDC, POF and other multi-layer coextrusion heat shrink films developed rapidly and became the mainstream of the market. At present, the plastic packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation alone has nearly 20 domestic shrink film manufacturers, with an output of nearly 80000 tons. Experts predict that the domestic heat shrinkable film market will grow by more than 20% in the next five years

the food industry is the largest market for heat shrinkable packaging. Heat shrinkable film is widely used in the packaging of various fast food, lactic acid food, beverage, snack food, beer cans, various wines, agricultural and sideline products, dry food, local specialties, etc

it is also increasingly applied in non food fields, such as labels and bottle caps, seals, fibers and clothing, aerosol products, sporting goods, electrical products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oils, detergents, stationery, toys, office supplies, kitchen supplies, daily necessities, sundries, building materials, etc

at present, the application of heat shrinkable film in the domestic market mainly shows the following characteristics:

1) it has been widely used in fast food, ceramic products, tea sets, mechanical parts and other fields

2) in military machinery and hardware tools, it is of great significance to apply the method of combining heat shrinkable film and vapor phase rust prevention technology to replace rust prevention oil, so as to enhance the rust prevention ability

3) heat shrinkable film is also the protector of construction and transportation materials. It is not only applicable to the packaging of multiple products and the packaging with pallets, but also convenient for transportation and sales, easy to realize mechanization, save labor and material resources, and can partially replace the packaging of cartons and wooden cases

4) used for labels of various PET bottled beer and beverage, which can reduce the process of removing labels and facilitate recycling

5) it is used to replace strapping rope packaging for bottled beer to prevent injuries caused by explosion of bottled beer

selection of heat shrinkable film

customers usually first consider the specific selection mode from the cost. Heat shrinkable packaging and laminating film can usually achieve the same packaging effect, so how to decide which kind of packaging thin plastic extruder industry should be selected to continue its rising international influence? In general, the main differences lie in the requirements for packaging patterns, the frequency of packaging, the requirements for shelf life, and the physical characteristics of the packaging itself, such as liquid, powder, granular, solid, square, etc

the following criteria are helpful for readers to choose appropriate packaging materials:

the scale of the food factory

whether the service object is industrial system or retail industry

adjustment requirements

shelf life requirements

anti abuse requirements

product shape

whether it is used for preservation, freezing or other environmental requirements

consistency between packaging production company and customer culture

the general retail industry requires that the printing effect should be more attractive to consumers and the convenience of packaging according to the needs of consumers

industrial packaging is different. It pays more attention to the uniqueness of the product and whether it is convenient for mass processing

generally speaking, when selecting heat shrinkable packaging, we should consider the attractiveness of packaging to consumers, therefore, the precision and good sealing safety

there are many corresponding technologies about the market and application of heat shrinkable film. Looking at the development of domestic and foreign markets, low-temperature heat shrinkable technology, low-cost technology, multi-purpose adaptability, packaging technology and high reliability technology have become the general trend of heat shrinkable packaging research. With the continuous promotion of various new technologies, the application field of heat shrinkable packaging is becoming more and more extensive

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