Toray will expand the production capacity of PP no

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Toray will expand the production capacity of PP non-woven fabrics in China

according to media reports, Japan Toray and its subsidiary Toray advanced materials Korea (Tak) decided to expand the production capacity of high-performance polypropylene (PP) bonded non-woven fabrics in Nantong, China. The company will build a PP bonded plant with a production capacity of 20000 tons/year in Toray Gaoxin Juhua (Nantong) Co., Ltd. in Nantong

tak owns 50% of the equity of Dongli Juhua Nantong company, 40% of which is held by Dongli, and the remaining 10% is held by Dongli China (Shanghai) company. The construction of the new plant will increase the total capacity of PP bonded non-woven fabrics of Dongli Juhua Nantong company to 78000 tons/year. The new plant is expected to start operation in December 2014. The completion of the project will also increase the total production capacity of PP bonded non-woven fabrics of Dongli group to 141000 tons/year

it is predicted that the demand for baby diapers in China will continue to grow rapidly in the cooperation with Chery, from 14billion pieces/year in 2012 to 38billion pieces/year in 2020. Therefore, the market prospect of PP bonded non-woven fabric in China in the next few years is broad. The major changes and characteristics of Toray's expansion of Nantong new national standard this time are that the production capacity of PP non-woven fabric is to meet China's strong demand in the future. The lack of public awareness of providing disposable diapers (34.48%) is the stumbling block that respondents believe needs to be solved urgently. It can produce raw materials

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