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Introduction to inspection methods of Engineering drag chain

engineering drag chain is applicable to all kinds of machine tools, robots, transportation machinery, measuring instruments, handling devices and other drive controls, such as CNC machine tools, machining centers, automatic machinery and production lines. As a protective device for wires, cables, liquid and gas hoses, it can operate in coordination with moving parts of machines and mechanical equipment, give play to the ability of safety protection and guidance, and extend the protected wires The service life of cable, liquid and gas hoses can be recorded in real time to reduce consumption, which can greatly improve the disordered distribution of wires, cables, liquid and gas hoses of machine tools and mechanical equipment, make them neatly and regularly arranged together, and enhance the whole art of machine tools and mechanical equipment. Nano film materials are widely used in many fields, with beautiful appearance and modeling effect

drag chains are widely used and can be seen in all fields. However, how to test whether plastic drag chains are qualified? Now let's introduce:

first, feel, shine the plastic drag chain against the sun. If you can see that the reflected light is uniform without astigmatism, the material used for this drag chain is uniform and the quality is excellent

second, touch. When the graphene era really comes, it still needs time to touch the edges and corners and surfaces of the engineering drag chain production. If you feel smooth and do not stick, you can judge that the error range of the mold used for production is very small

third, rub the surface of the plastic drag chain with wood. If pits appear soon and the falling debris is in the shape of particles, the raw material used for this drag chain is made of leftover materials or recycled materials. If it is very hard to fall, pits appear, and the falling debris is in the shape of short filaments, it can be judged that the raw material used for this drag chain is added with high-strength glass fiber and other materials to improve its wear resistance

fourth, lift the assembled drag chain for 3 meters and then fall freely to the ground. If the drag chain breaks, the material itself contains less nylon. Rigid enough, capricious enough; The quality is so good that the drag chain will not break when falling for 3 meters. More than 55 series drag chains can withstand kg (one person's weight) pressure within one meter without staying or breaking. (end)

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