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Introduction to extruder exchanger

extruder exchanger

most plastic materials contain impurities, which can be easily removed with the exchanger installed on the polymer melt flow path behind the extruder. It is a textile disc with the same diameter as the barrel of the extruder

usually, the same package group is composed of several layers with different mesh numbers. The smallest solid particles in the finest filterable melt flow, and the coarser and stronger outer layer can prevent the larger particles from entering the inner layer too early

in order to resist the force generated by melt flow, the filter group is lined with a round steel plate with dense holes, called a protective plate, which is embedded in the groove at the end of the extruder barrel

in order to replace the blocking lining before the marketization of kostron's new concept car with natural packaging film that has not been reviewed by peers, first remove the downstream equipment, replace the old with clean lining, and then reinstall it on the production line


the method of changing groups does not require downtime and labor. According to its design, it can be divided into two main types: interchangeable type and continuous type

there are two identical groups of interchangeable exchangers. One is mounted on the melt flow path. When the group becomes dirty, replace it with another set of clean same group. At the same time, the old group will be replaced outside. The two sets are installed on the same steel plate, rotating around the same axis or sliding along the guide rail in a straight line. The former is operated manually by lever, while the latter slides the plate back and forth from one side to the other by hydraulic pressure. Another operation is to use a valve to make the solution flow in the opposite direction from the blocked same group to the new same group

continuous exchanger: the continuous exchanger gradually moves the new to the amplitude and frequency of the melt flow regulating spring, while removing the old. The moving speed of the exchanger can be automatically adjusted according to the impurity mass. The continuous exchanger can eliminate the pressure and melt temperature changes caused by intermittent operation

a group of continuous exchangers is designed according to the rotating sliding plate. Several groups are arranged on the periphery of the rotary table driven by ratchet machinery. Turn the rotary table, remove the used old group from the melt flow and regularly clean the electromechanical equipment, and replace it with a new group by hand before contacting the melt flow

some machines also use long strips (usually 120 feet long). In the position where the long strip enters or leaves the machine, a small amount of plastic is cooled and hardened to prevent polymer leakage. These machines use external hydraulic pressure to pull out the filter. Another design is to use pressure in the machine head to pull out the filter without external force

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