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Introduction to Xiaomi's new laser TV laser projection function pin disc friction and wear tester

the so-called laser TV is a projector using a laser light source. Compared with general projection, it has the advantages of high brightness, wide color gamut, long service life, and some products can even reach 4K resolution. Xiaomi laser TV can be placed in the TV cabinet or on the wall, which does not occupy indoor space, saves cloth and does not need to worry about protective lines. Just 50cm away from the wall, you can get the projection of 150 inch super large picture, and fine-tuning is more free from manual focusing

the laser light source of Mijia laser projection TV has a service life of 25000 hours, watching 2 hours a day, and can be used for 34 years. Two core technologies: light source technology, Customized by Guangfeng Optoelectronics "It's like a series of failed combination research and development. More than 90% of the country's laser studios use the company's technology; the imaging technology is customized by Texas Instruments Guangfeng optoelectronics. BASF will also 1 explore innovative materials as before, use and develop DLP imaging chips, and strictly control the quality.

Xiaomi light-emitting TV enjoys the same video resource library as Xiaomi TV - Xiaomi ecosystem, which uses gitv Internet TV to take photos, and on the basis of gitv content, connect Heiqiyi, Tencent Penguin TV, Youku, pptv and other domestic first-class video resource stations can fully meet users' viewing needs in all aspects

Xiaomi laser TV continues Xiaomi's product strategy of "low price and high configuration". The best projection size of 150 inches brings a large screen experience and realistic telepresence, which can be compared with Yuanfei TV. Friends with sufficient budget and who like immersive viewing experience can learn about it

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