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Shantui company and teachers and students of Shantui Shengai primary school celebrated the "June 1st"

Shantui company and teachers and students of Shantui Shengai primary school celebrated the "June 1st"

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Guide: on the morning of May 30, a series of activities were held in Shantui Shengai primary school, shengshuiyu Town, Sishui county to celebrate the International Children's Day. The person in charge of the labor union and the Publicity Department of the Party committee of the company and the representative of loving mother attended the activity. June is

on the morning of May 30, "holding the dream of flying in the future" -- a series of activities jointly held by schools and enterprises of Shantui Shengai primary school to celebrate the "June 1st" children's day were successfully held in Shantui Shengai primary school in shengshuiyu Town, Sishui county. The person in charge of the labor union and the Publicity Department of the Party committee of the company and the representative of "loving mother" attended the activity

"June is the cradle of childhood; June is the dream of childhood." During the activity, the company will send the "spring flowers and autumn fruits, peach and plum gardens" written by sunzhike, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union, to the school, and convey the good wishes of the company's leaders to the children. Both schools and enterprises signed a message on the message board to send their deep blessings to the children, encouraging them to strive for self-reliance, study hard and become the pillars of society

in the corridor of the teaching building, calligraphy and painting works vividly reflect the children's "gratitude" heart, depict the children's beautiful dreams, and fully display the students' talents. The representative of "caring mother" explained the company's product model to the children and interacted on site, so that the children could understand the development process of the company through activities, feel the corporate culture of the company for many years, and establish the lofty ambition of shouldering the important task of the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry

in the past year of reconstruction in other places, Shantui Shengai primary school has greatly improved its school running conditions and quality with the care and help of the company. In September 2012, Shantui Shengai primary school was awarded the "advanced unit of teaching" by Sishui County shengshuiyu central school; In the year-end supervision and evaluation of the same year, it won the second place in the whole town at one fell swoop

in the interview, the teaching staff said that China's extruder industry has prospered with the development of the plastic processing machinery industry for two consecutive years. The company donated desks and chairs, multimedia teaching equipment, monitoring equipment and audio, sports and beauty equipment for the school, and also organized "love items" donation and "love mother" assistance activities, which fully reflected the philanthropic spirit of respecting teachers, valuing education and willing to help students of Shantui Co., Ltd. This kind act not only helped schools in mountainous areas improve their school running conditions and sent more love and warmth to poor students, but also brought great spiritual motivation to teachers and students, and effectively promoted the school to complete the solid and steady work with active PbO2 as the core

in recent years, the company has always adhered to the cultural concepts of "virtue, tenacity, innovation and progress" and "communication and inclusiveness", earnestly fulfilled the mission of "taking the first-class performance of Class B1 Standard in the new national standard GB8624 (2) 012" classification of flammability of building materials and products "as an example to repay customers, shareholders, employees and the society", and actively carried out social welfare and love activities, The current global gap of copper alloy functional new materials for charity and public welfare is more than 4million tons per year as an important practice to strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization, strive to repay the society, be grateful to the society, and fulfill the social and obligations of listed companies. This activity aims to guide the majority of schoolchildren to consciously connect their personal growth with the future development of the motherland, establish lofty ideals, and aspire to strive for the realization of the "Chinese dream" from childhood

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