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Recently, the cloud call center of Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shantui, stock code 000680) has been officially launched. After preliminary project approval, demonstration and research, and project comparison and selection, UFIDA (Stock Code: 600588) finally built a new cloud call center platform for Shantui, helping Shantui build a digital service system. The cloud call center of Shantui shares launched this time can meet the linkage operation of 26 offices, 32 franchise stores and 170 marketing points across the country. 7x24 round the clock operation is adopted, and the load capacity meets 100000 registered user applications. It covers customer maintenance, customer repair, service dispatch, service evaluation, customer consultation, complaint handling, customer return visit and other businesses, providing customers with convenient, real-time, accurate and satisfactory professional services, and realizing the comprehensive upgrading of Shantui customer service center

Shantui Co., Ltd., founded in 1980, is one of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, one of the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises, and a large-scale national first-class backbone enterprise. For Shantui Co., Ltd., in the years of continuous exploration in the field of customer service and the rapidly changing market environment of the new era, it is required that its customer service system needs to be constantly improved and improved. Cloud call center is just needed for the digital transformation of large enterprises. Because of its high cost and insufficient expansibility, the traditional call center has led to the rising operating costs of enterprises, so the transformation and upgrading is imminent. This time, by adopting the cloud call center communication capability platform independently developed by UFIDA, Shantui will greatly reduce the software and hardware maintenance costs, traffic costs and other operating costs. Combined with the current situation, Shantui adopts the centralized call center construction mode, which can form a unified external publicity window for Shantui shares. Different from the previous customer service system, the cloud call center launched this time is deeply integrated with the DMS system of UFIDA automobile, which perfectly integrates the customer appointment, customer dispatch, customer feedback and other processes, effectively improves the quality and efficiency of the connection service and problem handling of the staff of the customer service center, improves the company's rapid response ability to deal with emergencies, and ensures that customer needs can be met at the first time, We can really solve all the problems of customers through one department

UFIDA cloud call center is an enterprise digital communication capability platform based on UFIDA, which is designed for large and medium-sized enterprises and public organizations by combining cloud computing, CTI, artificial intelligence and other leading technologies. 3. The measurability of environmental conditions parameters. It is a front desk exclusive cloud service in the fields of service, marketing, collaboration and so on. It can quickly iterate and adapt to changes in the business environment. It has the characteristics of Omni channel access, intelligent scheduling, AI robots, intelligent work orders, PAAS capability open platform, and high customization. UFIDA cloud call center is a good prescription to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

the deep integration of UFIDA DMS system effectively improves work efficiency.

the deep integration of UFIDA cloud call center and UFIDA DMS system promotes the migration and agglomeration of service data information at all levels to a unified network support platform. DMS system can help enterprises simplify service processes, conduct data flow across organizations, improve the depth and quality of business collaboration between departments, and promote the transformation of service mode and marketing mode. Build an integrated service platform to master the overall picture of customer interaction. Closely combined with the service business system, it provides the whole process monitoring and management of management clues, access, distribution, incoming call pop-up screen, answering monitoring, information recording, result analysis, etc., so as to achieve effective management and improve the efficiency of marketing response

collaborative management and linkage services can effectively improve customer satisfaction.

cloud call center connects all links of enterprise business processes, realizes cross level, cross system, cross business collaborative management and services, and can realize multi regional linkage services between headquarters, dealers, and service providers, effectively improving service satisfaction. UFIDA cloud call center has the characteristics of easy expansion, low cost, easy integration and easier integration with business systems. UFIDA cloud call center is an enterprise specific solution that covers business scenarios such as pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. Only one-time investment can help enterprises make more efficient and rational use of resources. The deployment scheme is flexible, which can be deployed centrally or distributed. It can be expanded on demand, and the function expansion is convenient. At the same time, it can be deeply integrated with ERP, CRM and other business systems to optimize the operation mode, which is simple and fast

intelligent service application effectively improves management ability

with the rapid development of science and technology, the application of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, IOT and other technologies is constantly promoting and optimizing the construction of enterprise informatization. Cloud call center products are also developing towards intelligence, which has become a new trend of future development. Combined with intelligent AI, UFIDA cloud call center has intelligent capabilities such as intelligent translation and intelligent quality inspection, which can effectively improve enterprise service management capabilities. Intelligent speech recognition system, based on speech recognition technology and synthesis technology, can realize intelligent speech interaction, translation, automatic recognition and intelligent speech quality inspection. It can realize the 0% quality inspection of the monetary capital in the account of 10 companies of 536 million yuan, improve the efficiency of quality inspection, avoid omissions, and carry out enterprise risk management. At the same time, it can analyze the data, improve the market competitiveness and customer satisfaction of enterprises, and effectively improve the management ability of enterprises

the biggest change of 5g communication is the opening of the interconnection mode of everything. In the field of enterprise communication applications, 5g has broad prospects for development. In the future, the gate should be large to penetrate into all aspects of the enterprise service field. Facing the vigorous development of 5g, cloud communication has become the booster of enterprise digital transformation. The combination of 5g+ cloud communication will reshape the new form of communication services. This year, yonyou communications, a subsidiary of yonyou network, obtained the official commercial license for the virtual operation business issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and then put the second and third test pieces in the same way, laying a solid foundation for the later 5g business. UFIDA network has been paying high attention to and committed to the development of new formats and new technologies in the communication field. It has been deeply involved in the enterprise level communication field for many years, and continues to build heavyweight cloud communication products. At the same time, the volume of communication business has maintained rapid growth, and the scale of users has maintained stable growth. In the future, UFIDA will continue to cultivate the 5g field, build a new ecosystem of 5g industry, deeply cultivate the communication development of the industry, and continue to empower enterprise customers to integrate and innovate

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