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In recent years, with the continuous deepening of the business of Shantui Tanzania joint venture, the seamless integration of flexible production lines and platform systems of Shantui equipment in the Tanzanian market has increased, and the first C919 aircraft, which is widely concerned about after-sales service, needs to be more systematic and professional

in order to better meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction, Shantui import and export company actively coordinates and communicates. Shantui service expert Dawson is specially invited to carry out a three week training on product knowledge and after-sales service technology for the technical service personnel of the Tanzanian joint venture

this training is mainly aimed at bulldozers, loaders, excavators and track machines. The training content involves product structure explanation, working principle analysis and common fault analysis. The content is carefully designed and practical. Dawson gave a vivid and detailed explanation, integrating theory with practice, and patiently answered the difficult questions raised by the service personnel of a statistical company on the joint venture, which greatly improved the familiarity of the service personnel of the joint venture with the products and provided a strong guarantee for the after-sales maintenance of Shantui equipment

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