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Shandong beilian company launched tm920 semi-automatic veneering machine

Shandong beilian company launched tm920 semi-automatic veneering machine, which is a new type of carton packaging equipment developed on the basis of the original tm1100 veneering machine after market research

this machine is mainly used for the bonding of flat paper (top paper) and flat paper (bottom paper). After manual ③ clamping, it is generally completed by adopting fine medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel continuation paper, automatic gluing, covering and flattening at one time, which can improve the adhesion of the paperboard, make the paperboard after covering flat, high strength, strong adhesion, and the finished product is beautiful and firm. The machine has reasonable structure, convenient operation and is widely used in the world-wide hearing testing equipment market. It covers a small area and has a large operating space. The surface paper and the bottom paper are continued from top to bottom, positioned regularly, glued on one side, synchronized pressing, cam control, chain and gear transmission. It is easy to adjust and maintain. The pressure can be adjusted according to the thickness of the paper, stepless speed regulation, low power consumption. These products have thermal conductivity, low noise With high efficiency, it is an ideal veneer equipment for packaging plants to vigorously promote horizontal joint reorganization

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