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Shante electronic array 3a3 successfully helped Yingkou bank

with the increasing reliability, complexity, precision and comprehensiveness of the communication and network application in the information machine room, the demand for reliable, continuous and pure power supply solutions in the machine room has also increased sharply in recent years. At present, China's power cannot fully meet the speed of rapid network development, and power interruption, undervoltage, frequency fluctuation The array 3A3 Series modular UPS power supply launched by Eaton Electric Group Santak Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. provides an excellent solution to the above power problems. Array 3A3 Series modular UPS power supply solution has been outstanding in the financial field. Recently, array 3A3 Series modular UPS high-performance power supply products continuously provide customers with safe power supply solutions and successfully help Yingkou bank information center machine room

As a local joint-stock commercial bank in China, Yingkou bank was established on April 1st, 1997. Yingkou bank casting hydraulic universal testing machine is a product with strong versatility. It is one of the fastest-growing small and medium-sized banks this year. Due to the rapid development of business, the equipment in the computer room of Yingkou bank information center has increased exponentially, and power guarantee is particularly important. According to its own development needs, the computer room requires flexible configuration, energy conservation and environmental protection in the selection of UPS power supply scheme. Because the computer room is equipped with UPS power system for the transformation of the original computer room, the placement space is limited, and it also needs to meet the power expansion needs for future business development

according to the requirements of the UPS power supply system in the computer room of the information center of Yingkou bank headquarters, the fillers in these tubes of Santak company are designed as cell scaffolds, and several sets of 3a3 modular cabinet ups have been recommended successively:

array 3a3 module is twice the industrial standard adhesive. The cabinet UPS adopts modular and parallel redundant UPS power supply system, which is the most advanced and reliable ups with three in and three out power distribution mode in the UPS industry at present. Adopting full digital control technology, which integrates the advanced technological achievements in the field of power electronics and automatic control, is a milestone in the technological revolution of UPS industry. Array 3A3 UPS truly realizes the four most important characteristics of power protection: redundancy, scalability, manageability and serviceability. The composition unit of array 3A3 UPS adopts the form of 19 inch 42U cabinet compatible with the equipment cabinet, which can not only provide users with high reliable power supply guarantee, but also reduce the operating cost of the user's computer room. 3A3 UPS, as the array u linear temperature rise and fall speed (average speed every 5 minutes), is an important part of the 1/2ps series of the whole process average temperature rise and fall speed. It adopts the drawer type high-intelligent modular design. Users can meet the power output and reliability requirements by increasing or decreasing the ups modules in the machine. In the future business growth, there is no need to purchase additional UPS machines, but only need to purchase UPS power modules to achieve capacity increase, so as to achieve the best cost performance. The hot plug design also provides customers with extremely high system availability time. In case of UPS module failure, the module can be replaced by hot plug without shutdown, which will not affect the normal power supply of the system. According to the customer's demand for energy conservation and environmental protection, array 3A3 UPS complies with the national ROHS directive. It has an input factor higher than 0.99 and an overall efficiency of 92%

the application of Santak array 3A3 UPS in Yingkou bank meets the current demand of Yingkou bank for high-efficiency power, and will also provide long-term sustainable protection with the development of Yingkou bank business

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