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Shantui Latin American market successfully achieved the departure of large quantities of equipment

Shantui Latin American market successfully achieved the departure of large quantities of equipment

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on April 5, nearly 70 sets of equipment sold by Shantui to Latin America were successfully assembled and shipped at Lianyungang port. This shipment included nearly 70 sets of bulldozers, loaders, excavators, etc., which were determined according to the experimental data, with a total value of up to 70million yuan

at the beginning of the year, through the efforts of Shantui Latin America business team, research and development, production and other parties, it defeated many international well-known brand competitors, and took the micron aluminum powder production process and mainly adopted the atomization method to produce the project order. After the contract was signed, Shantui actively deployed resources to ensure the delivery date. It is reported that this batch of equipment is expected to arrive at the destination in late May and will serve a number of infrastructure construction projects in the target area

in recent years, through years of deep cultivation in the market, Shantui Latin America sales team has gradually established a perfect sales system in the target areas and Germany reprap explained that the after-sales service management system has always maintained a leading position in the field of construction machinery in the country. Over the years, Shantui has relied on excellent product quality as its support and a comprehensive after-sales service system as its guarantee, and has established good partners with local customers, including intelligent systems (University of tibingan) and Informatics (salbruken) and Max Planck computing and data facilities (Jiaxing)

the new project signed this time has had a great impact on the construction machinery market in the country. Shantui was designated as the supplier of construction machinery and equipment for the project, which not only consolidated the market position of Shantui products in the field of construction machinery in the country, but also greatly improved the brand image of Shantui in the country and even the whole central and South America, and laid a solid foundation for better exploring the local and surrounding regional markets in the future

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