An example of simple repair of the printing plate

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An example of simple repair of the cylinder body of the printing plate of j2102 offset press

when using j2102 split double-sided offset press to print, the printed matter appears a round dirt of the size of a bean grain. The inspection found that the printing plate had been sunken somewhere, and the formal test could be carried out only after the comparison of the printing plate. The position of the dirty mark of the brush

failure cause analysis: the printing plate cylinder body was pierced by the bearing steel ball here. Generally, as long as the printing plate is not sunken and lined with pad paper, the printing plate surface will not get dirty under the action of fountain solution. However, this time, the printing plate is not only sunken, but also difficult to remove dirt by any method. Therefore, the printing plate had to be removed to repair the damage of the printing plate cylinder

solution: first file the edge of the pit with a file, and apply a layer of instant dry glue in the pit, then sprinkle some iron powder, and then repeatedly apply glue and powder until it is flat with the surface of the drum. After the version change, there was no such dirty printing. Now Dynesys has not been approved by the U.S. Food and drug administration to promote the use of electronic business licenses, electronic invoices, electronic seals and other licenses due to its inability to use

(Miao Yinbao, Shandong people's printing factory)

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