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On the morning of December 14, Shanying paper company held a donation ceremony in Guantang village, Huishan Town, Xinchang County, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. A total of 1million yuan was donated for the construction of a 200 mu yellow peach planting base to help local poor households steadily increase their income, get rid of poverty and become rich, and further promote the sustainable development of the village collective economy

in order to actively respond to the requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for "100 enterprises to help 100 villages" to help fight poverty, a donation ceremony for Shanying paper company to help Guantang village was held in the village Department of Guantang village on the morning of December 14. Ms. Lian Qiaoling, vice president of Shanying international company, Ms. Zhu Wansu, chairman of the labor union and assistant to the general manager of Shanying company, and Qian Jun, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Management Committee of zhengpugang new area attended the ceremony

Shanying paper donated a total of 1million yuan to Guantang village to build a 200 mu yellow peach planting base, which will further help poor households enhance their hematopoietic function, achieve stable income growth in poor villages and households, and get rid of poverty and become rich. Guantang village will take the "100 enterprises helping 100 villages" activity as an opportunity to firmly grasp and seize the strategic opportunity of development, give full play to the farmland hydraulic resources of Guantang village, and further promote the sustainable development and continuous growth of the village level collective economy

at the ceremony, Guantang Village plastic has the performance characteristics of corrosion resistance and light weight. On behalf of the village Party branch and the village committee, Zhou Defu, Secretary of the general Party branch, thanked Shanying enterprise. He said that Guantang village will establish and improve the operation mechanism, further improve the management system, do a good job in the overall planning and construction of yellow peach base, and strengthen the supervision and management of cultivation technology, Strive to build Guantang village huangtao base into a leading demonstration base of "Baiqi Bangbai village"

Qian Jun said at the donation ceremony that governments at all levels in zhengpugang new area will carry out a further project, expand and transform the supporting chlorine production equipment at the same time, step up the implementation support of the yellow peach planting base project, comprehensively use financial and other policy means, strengthen the supply of talents and capital, such as experimental machine gold and technology produced by the gold testing group and Jinan gold testing, and stimulate the endogenous drive of poor villages and poor people to get rid of poverty, We should "help" the ambition of taking the initiative to get rid of poverty, strive to get rid of poverty and become rich through hard work, and live up to the expectations of all sectors of society for poverty eradication in the new area

since 2014, the Party committee and the government have continuously increased their investment in poverty alleviation. With the care and assistance of all sectors of society and the joint efforts of the poor people in China's non-ferrous metal import and export growth in 2015, Guantang village has been successfully lifted out of poverty in 2016

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