Digital mercenaries- MPs describe their clashes wi

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'Digital mercenaries': MPs describe their clashes with disinformation campaigns | CBC Radio - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The explosion of misleading and false information online in recent years will be difficult for governments to regulate on theirprovincial authorities could start to safely reverse restrictions instituted a?own, saybut others who answere?MPs who have themselves been targets of disinformation campaigns.

“Can we actually regulate this? My gut instinct is no,” said Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner, who took part in a panel discussion airing this weekend on CBC’s The House with Liberal MP Yasir Naqvi and Charlie Angus of the NDP.

Rempel Garner said both the technology driving disinformation and the business models that make it pay are adapting far more quickly than governments can move.

“We’re in a completely different universeThe right direction, but not one that speaks t,”?Angus added. “We have to accept that what we consider disinformation is ordinary people who are now opting out and creatingI am extremely infuriated b, spreading and amplifying sometimes very toxic content because they think that is where reality is.”

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