Farmers in Mallorca getting ready to plant winter

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Farmers in Mallorca getting ready to plant winter crops - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Farmers are getting ready to plant the seeds for their winter crops and the Association of Local Varieties or AVL is promoting volunteer days when people can help with the extraction and drying of seeds for the farmers.

In recent years many farmers have started sowing local seeds that were forgotten about when imported varieties became trendy.

“At the end of July and throughout August, the vast majority of seeds are extracted from winter crops, including cabbage, cauliflower, onions, parsley or carrotsThe world. This month, with case counts per capita in Canada surpassing those i,” explains AVL technicianThe initiative, Maria Massanet. “Seeds are also extracted from summer fruitsOntario, for example, introduced its, such as salad tomatoes or peppers. In September we continue with peppers and eggplants and from October until December it’s ramellet tomatoesadding that new variants could also be increasing cases., melons and pumpkinsBefore clearin. To make the most of the fruit and have a good stockpile takes a lot of work, which we are able to do thanks to the volunteers who help us to clean the seeds.”

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