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Failure to make budget before decoration leads to serious overspending; After decoration, the wall coating is colorful and colorful, which makes you dizzy after living for a long time; At that time, it was hard and painstaking to decorate, but after living, I found it useless, and I was a little regretful... These problems have become a common problem for most owners. How to make home more fashionable, practical and brilliant? Listen to what people have said

regret location: bedroom

regret 1: the air conditioner hole was not punched in advance

regret Description: the decoration was in winter, so I didn't think about punching the air conditioner hole, and I will punch the hole when I want to install the air conditioner in summer. But when drilling, the water drill made the wall in the bedroom into a big painted face, which was very ugly

regret remedy: because the drilling of the air conditioner hole requires the use of a water drill, which will pollute the wall surface, it is best to consider the placement and hanging height of the air conditioner when decorating. If you decide to use the air conditioner, it is best to drill the air conditioner hole before scraping the white

regret 2: the location of the power supply is unreasonable

regret: the wiring in the bedroom was not measured accurately, but the location of the power socket was determined after a rough visual inspection. As a result, when I bought the computer table, I found that the position of the table leg just blocked the position of the power socket. I had no choice but to replace it with a plug-in row, and I went outside with an open line

regret remedy: before arranging the location of the power socket in the bedroom, the size of the furniture to be placed should be provided to the electrician as accurately as possible. In addition, on the premise of not affecting the appearance, reserve as many power sockets as possible, which can be used sooner or later in the future

regret 3: the ceiling lamp was not made into a double control

regret: I heard half a year after the decoration that the ceiling lamp can be double connected and double controlled, with a switch beside the door and a switch beside the bed, so as to avoid lying in bed in winter and turning off the lamp again

regret remedy: communicate with friends and workers during the decoration process to find a decoration plan suitable for your home. If you can't make a double control lamp, you can install a controller on the ceiling lamp to turn the ceiling lamp into a remote control, which can also achieve the double control effect

regret 4: the geothermal backfill ground was not leveled

regret about: the geothermal that I changed when decorating the bedroom, but it was not leveled when backfilling, resulting in uneven ground and large height difference. Although there is nothing wrong with the naked eye, the ground quality is too poor, which seriously affects the pavement of the floor. It is required to re level the ground

regret remedy: during geothermal backfilling, the owner must be present and urge the workers to level the ground. The smoother the ground is during backfilling, the easier it is to lay the floor. Otherwise, the leveling by the method of ground flow equality after the event is not only costly, but also complex

regret location: living room

regret 5: the size of the entrance door is not left.

regret Description: when installing the second door of the living room, only the thickness of the floor was considered, and the thickness of the floor mat was not considered. As a result, there was almost no surplus after the floor was paved. Originally, I wanted to put a beautiful floor mat at the entrance, but now it seems that it can't be achieved at all

regret remedy: when installing the door, we must give full consideration to the thickness of the floor, floor tiles, floor mats, etc., and reserve more in advance

regret 6: no wall socket is reserved for the background wall

regret: when the TV background wall is decorated, I patronize the overall effect and ignore the practical function. As a result, I forget to reserve the power socket for the wall TV. I can't help it. Now the LCD TV can only be placed on the TV cabinet, which makes me feel very depressed. If you hang it up, you have to go through the open line. It's very ugly

regret remedy: if the owner uses LCD TV in his home, the position of wall mounted power socket must be reserved on the background wall. If the TV cabinet is of standard height, even if the TV is placed on the TV cabinet, it can block the wall socket without affecting the appearance effect

regret 7: the space between the background decorative paintings is left small

regret: when decorating the living room, the background decorative paintings are hung first, and then the sofa is bought. The size of decorative painting is 0.6m× 0.6m, with a total length of 3.6m and a spacing of 0.4m for each of four pieces. At that time, I thought it was very beautiful when hanging it, but as soon as the 4.2m long sofa was placed on it, it seemed that the decorative painting was too small, and the spacing would be better if it were larger

regret remedy: before hanging the background decorative painting, we must determine the length of the living room and the size of the sofa, and then decide the spacing of the decorative painting after comprehensively considering these factors. Otherwise, if it is reworked, nail holes will be left on the wall

regret 8: ceiling joist did not consider the chandelier

regret: the living room ceiling did not consider too much, and there was little communication, so it was completely operated by the carpenter himself. As a result, there was a problem when installing the lamp. The crystal chandelier I bought couldn't be installed. The master worker said that he didn't know how to install the crystal lamp at the beginning, so the keel in the ceiling was very simple, and it simply couldn't bear the weight of the crystal chandelier

regret remedy: if you want to install lamps in the ceiling, you must participate in the design of the structure behind the ceiling. It can't be decided by the carpenter. The carpenter doesn't know the future lighting design. If the skeleton behind is inappropriate, it will affect the future lighting installation

regret location: kitchen

regret 9: the flue is sealed and difficult to disassemble

regret Description: there are many pipes on the top of the kitchen, which are pasted on the corner of the wall. When decorating, they are wrapped with cement pressure plates, and the smoke exhaust pipe of the range hood is put in, and the outside is pasted with tiles. Results it was found that the smoke exhaust of the range hood was not smooth during use, but it was very difficult to replace the smoke exhaust pipe

regret remedy: try not to seal the flue or fixed pipeline during decoration. You can wrap it with a board, scrape white or brush oil outside, and leave an access hole for future maintenance

regret 10: the water heater is exposed

regret: the gas water heater is used. When decorating the kitchen, only the reserved cold and hot water pipe interface is considered, but the packaging of the water heater is ignored. As a result, the appearance of the water heater bought back was not particularly good-looking, and there were many pipelines. Exposed in the kitchen, it was neither beautiful nor easy to take care of, and the grade of the whole kitchen suddenly came down

regret remedy: if you decide to install a gas water heater in the kitchen, you'd better make a cabinet with a shutter door to place the water heater, which is not only beautiful, but also conducive to heat dissipation. The shutter door cabinet can be customized by the manufacturer who makes the cabinet, so the overall effect of the kitchen will be better

regret 11: the size of the refrigerator is not accurate

regret: when decorating the kitchen, I only considered the width of the refrigerator, but forgot the thickness. I forgot that there was a metal plate at the bottom behind the refrigerator, and only measured the thickness in front. The result was 5cm worse. As a result, the original place where the refrigerator was placed was not enough. The refrigerator protruded, and it was right at the entrance, which greatly affected the effect

regret remedy: the size of kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, microwave oven, induction cooker and dishwasher must be determined before kitchen decoration, and the measurement should be as accurate as possible, and the actual size of the kitchen should be designed according to these data and the specific placement position

regret 12: the small kitchen didn't make a shelf

regret about: the kitchen area is not large, and there is no shelf along the wall. I don't feel that I can make good use of the corner space of the kitchen, and the seasoning bottles needed for cooking are not enough. Moreover, there is no place to put some tools such as knives, shovels, spoons, etc., so I have to stack them in the cabinet in a disordered way, which is extremely inconvenient to use

regret remedy: the kitchen is the place for cooking, so we must focus on practicality. If the kitchen area is not large, some shelves or brackets should be properly made on the wall according to the structural characteristics to facilitate the placement and hanging of necessary items

regret location: bathroom

regret 13: the floor drain is less

regret Description: the bathroom is 5 square meters, and only a floor drain is installed next to the toilet and under the wash basin during decoration. It looked very good at that time, but it was very inconvenient to use. The shower curtain was used, and the bath water splashed on the floor, making the whole bathroom floor wet. In addition, because there is no way to drain water, the washing machine can't be used at all

regret remedy: since the toilet always deals with water, the toilet floor must be made as many floor drains as possible to facilitate drainage. Floor drains are usually installed at the lower part of the wash basin, the shower area, the washing machine and the toilet

regret 14: the waterproof of the shower area is not high enough

regret: the waterproof of the shower area in the bathroom is 1.5 meters high, but when you inquire, they all say that it is 1.8 meters high, and 1.5 meters is easy to leave hidden dangers. But now it's too late to be waterproof again

regret remedy: whether it is the ground or the shower area, the waterproof of the bathroom must be done in place. In particular, the waterproof of the shower area, if conditions permit, should be as high as possible, and the width should be appropriately wider according to the size of the shower area, so as to ensure safety

regret 15: the bathroom is not well lit

regret: the bathroom has no windows, so I always hope to be brighter. But when decorating, I didn't think much about it. I thought it was OK to have a light on Yuba. Who knows it's inconvenient to actually use it. The light of Yuba is too dark, and I can't even make up in the bathroom

regret remedy: the light in the bathroom is also very important. Insufficient light is not conducive to life, but also easy to cause depression. Usually, the light emitted by Yuba is mostly yellow, which is relatively soft, but the brightness is not enough. It is suggested that the bathroom should be equipped with several more light sources, such as the mirror headlights of the bathroom cabinet, or the bulb in the middle of the Yuba can be replaced with a small energy-saving lamp, which will have a better effect

regret 16: Yuba is too close to the shower

regret: the bathroom area is relatively small, especially the shower area. Due to the tight space, the installation of Yuba is too close to the shower. I didn't find any problems during installation, but I'm always worried that the water from the shower will splash on the Yuba when I use it. If the Yuba is wet, it is easy to cause a short circuit and accidents

regret remedy: the construction of the toilet should try to achieve the separation of dry and wet, especially the separation of water and electricity. In order to avoid unnecessary failures, Yuba should be installed as far away from the shower as possible




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