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Nowadays, with the development of China's economy and the progress of everyone's living standards, the work of doors and windows has entered the fast lane of development. Obviously, in the door and window shopping malls with severe homogenization, in the face of increasingly picky consumers, commodities with small differences in commodities have been unable to meet the needs of consumers. In the face of changing market trends, door and window manufacturers only have a clear positioning of the market, they will not be tragically screened by the market

door and window manufacturers face the challenge of survival of the fittest

through the current fierce market competition, some typical strength brand manufacturers must appear near the door and window work, and those poor manufacturers must also disappear from the market. The survival of the fittest is a natural principle. The disappearance of some defective manufacturers is originally a good thing for the long-term development of the work, because it can prevent some manufacturers from aimlessly developing themselves, and prevent the production of a certain commodity near the work from being severely excessive. When the work advantage manufacturers are born, the degree of effective regulation and control of shopping malls will be higher

the competition is abnormally fierce, and manufacturers need to do a good job in market positioning

over the years, the number of door and window manufacturers has gradually increased, resulting in more and more intense competition, especially a large number of rising stars suddenly appear at the side of the work, which is bound to form a considerable impact and threat on the traditional manufacturers at the side of the work. Therefore, for traditional door and window manufacturers, they should not only try their best to protect their own mall location, but also find ways to suppress the expansion of their rivals

as far as the current situation is concerned, the unclear positioning of door and window manufacturers is one of the main reasons for the disorder of shopping malls. In order to carry out the rehabilitation of doors and windows in an orderly manner, we need to start with the positioning of manufacturers. The positioning of manufacturers' shopping malls should start from the five levels of region, class, work, characteristics and age, depict the image of door and window goods according to the types of consumers, adjust measures to local conditions and personal conditions, and analyze specific problems to prevent one size fits all

Guanhao door and window manufacturers believe that in the cruel competition market, door and window manufacturers can only make timely adjustments to the constantly changing market conditions in order to keep up with the pace of work and not be screened





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