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If aluminum alloy door and window dealers want to be bigger and stronger, it is simple to say, it is not simple to say, the key is to see how to think and do. It's a system engineering. As long as every link in the system engineering is done well, it's difficult to be bigger and stronger. Guanhao door and window editor shares and learns with us. How can aluminum alloy door and window dealers become bigger and stronger

"selection" is more than "best effort"

selection is very important for brands. First class dealers choose to cooperate with first-class brands, and the gains outweigh the losses. Just try your best, and the sales volume will immediately become the "best" in the local market; If a first-class dealer cooperates with a second-class brand, he will suffer a lot of "sins" if he wants to compete for the "best". If a first-class dealer cooperates with a third-class brand, he only needs to "break his dream". It can be seen that the key and importance of choosing a brand is the so-called "choosing" is greater than "trying". No matter how many dealers you are, you must find ways to choose and cooperate with first-class brands

"concentration, concentration

concentration is the most basic condition to ensure that we can do well, and concentration is the most basic condition to ensure that we can become stronger. Being half hearted must be bad. Acting brand is the same as marriage. If we recognize and select it, we must end it all at once. It is difficult to have an affair halfway.

less is" fine ", and fine is" good "

nowadays, many people still have such misunderstandings, and still stay in the old thinking, Think that the more brands or projects you act on, the better. Today's shopping malls have entered the era of deep segmentation. Only by becoming the leader of the industry segmentation shopping malls, can you continue to adhere to the competitiveness, continue to develop your talents, and continue to make money, so that your talents will not be screened by the shopping malls. For example, we all know that the sales volume of Gree air conditioner is several times that of its peers. Only one project you operate needs to rank first in the industry in the local mall. The income of one project is much more than that of three projects you operate to rank second in the local industry. Therefore, in this era, to be a brand agent, we should follow the principle of "less is better" and "better is better"





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