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When visiting a friend's house and going to the bathroom on the way, the friend seemed a little nervous. He asked me, are you brave? I said, it's OK. What's the matter? He told me to be mentally prepared before entering the bathroom and not to be afraid of anything

are you sick! What are you afraid of when you go to the bathroom! Can there be ghosts! Then I walked to the bathroom

after opening the door, I stood still for a long time. The friend said, why don't you go in. I said no, it has been solved &hellip& hellip;

the bathroom is really messy!!! Just piss me off

friends, the bathroom decoration must be well received, otherwise it will be bad to scare people! With surprise, I'd like to share some toilet storage skills:

partition is the most common storage tool. It can be used in many spaces in home life, which is easy to install and use. In the layout, special attention should be paid to the dry and wet functional zoning of the toilet to prevent moisture and other problems

in the space where the washstand and the toilet are on the same horizontal plane, several partitions are erected to place common toiletries. According to the frequency of use, the most commonly used ones can be placed in some handy places below, and the top can be used as decorations to place some small vases in the decorative space. When setting partitions, it is best to use colors similar to the bathroom style, and generally white is the best

in addition to the washstand, the space above the bathtub can also be used. As above, items can be placed according to the frequency of use, and some flowers can also be added as decorations to add a sense of life

some toilets are so small that there is no space for a whole partition at all. In fact, this kind of toilet also has some useful points, such as triangular partition, small hook, etc

the bathroom increases storage space, mainly by working on the wall. There is another method &mdash& mdash; Integrate the mirror with the cabinet, and use the back of the mirror as a locker. For example, the storage space of full-length mirror is larger. When it is opened, it is a storage room, and when it is closed, it becomes a mirror. The width of the cabinet is made according to your own needs. If you want to store more items, make it wider

there are many idle walls or corners in the bathroom, and small storage cabinets, which can just fill these spaces, use up every inch of space in the home, and make the bathroom neat and orderly

in a tiny bathroom, every detail determines success or failure. Since the smaller bathroom cabinet style is selected, the space of the table surface is relatively reduced. Where should some commonly used bottles and cans be placed? A small wall in front of the washstand was dug out as a storage rack, making daily necessities neat and accessible

if the wall under the windowsill is thick enough, it can also be designed into the wall. Like this, the double-layer storage rack into the wall is right next to the bathtub, and the bath towel and toiletries for bathing add a lot of convenience

the space under the washing table can also be well used, such as drawer type operation, sorting and storing items, and all kinds of cosmetics and daily necessities are in order. At the same time, it also ensures that the washing table is clean and tidy. It is worth noting that the triangle valve should be checked to prevent water leakage

many owners use pillar washbasins in their homes. There is almost no washing table, so there is no space. There are also wonderful ways to store this kind. You can find a carpenter to customize a cabinet to wrap the columns, and some decorations, aromatherapy, candles, etc. can be placed on the top of the cabinet If you feel that customized cabinets are troublesome, just put 1~2 ready-made drawer lockers, which is convenient and easy

the space above the toilet is usually ignored, just as people tend to ignore the space behind it, so how can this space be used?! In addition to the partition mentioned above, the integrated toilet rack is also a good storage tool, free of holes, strong load-bearing capacity, and multi-layer storage is very practical

you often take off a lot of dirty clothes before taking a bath. You may throw away the countertop everywhere and put it into the washing machine after taking a bath. In fact, this mess is very forgiving in a minute. Add a recycling basket to the home and put it in the idle space to keep the bathroom clean and tidy all the time

finally, I want to mention the storage of this small space behind the door, which can be set with hooks or towel racks, Jiugongge storage bags, long storage baskets, and erect gloves, cleaning cloths, brushes, cleaning balls and other tools that should be often used at ordinary times, which are convenient to take. It should be noted that being “ Hide ” Behind the door, you should often take it out to bask in the sun to prevent moisture

I hope you can do a good job in the storage design when decorating the bathroom! May there be no more panic in the bathroom





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