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As the saying goes: business behavior that does not aim at profit is playing hooligans! Therefore, the purpose of the aluminum alloy door and window market is to make money, but it is said that the market is like a battlefield, and businesses are grabbing customers and resources every day. In order to seize market share, it is more necessary for our franchise stores of aluminum alloy doors and windows to make good planning and meet difficulties. Find out the problem and apply the medicine

1. No positioning, no understanding of consumer demand

why should we combine positioning with consumer demand? Because different positioning corresponds to different consumer groups. If the franchisee of aluminum alloy doors and windows does not understand the consumer demand in the region, the positioning must also be wrong. In the end, people in this area may not need such door and window products, and it is natural to lose money in the end

2. The team is far better than the individual

the competition incentive in the door and window industry. Some franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows still hold the mentality of going it alone. But now, no matter what work, the era of going it alone is over. We should assemble our own team, have professional shopping guides, designers, assemblers and after-sales service personnel, and be equipped with perfect management schemes in order to work efficiently

3. Relying on the support of manufacturers

among many franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows, this kind of franchisee is the most likely to go bankrupt. Because in the negotiation and cooperation with the manufacturer, we do not consider our own responsibilities, but rely on the manufacturer for all responsibilities and expectations. If the manufacturer provides resources, I will engage in activities. If it doesn't provide resources, I don't care. However, all the places that need to spend money must be borne by the manufacturer. Due to the lack of overall concept, it can only be eliminated by the market in the end


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