The hottest and largest curved glass smart screen

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On December 11, Wuhan urban construction group learned that the country's largest "curved glass smart screen"! After the installation of Jinyin Lake commercial complex square (Jinyin Lake store, Wanda Plaza, East and West Lake), the site is very grand and beautiful. This Wanda Plaza has a wanwei food street and fun play children's Park. Until 1963, the first impact experiment standard gb229 ⑴ 963, a trendy brand gathering place, a colorful sky garden and other diversified business forms appeared. It is an urban commercial complex integrating shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment experience and other functions

one of the biggest highlights of this Wanda Plaza is the smart screen in the shape of "rhinoceros horn". The screen adopts BOE (BOE) Urban Smart multimedia architecture scheme, and applies hyperboloid custom modeling in the appearance. It consists of an inclined plane and two sides. The junction forms a transition of two double curved surfaces. The unique shape is also the first in China

neon flashes. With every picture change of the large screen, the East and West Lake areas add urban temperature. The beautiful urban night scene makes the originally silent streets lively and prosperous at night. The smart screen has a very high resolution. In addition to the colorful neon show, it can also put in commercial advertisements, corporate promotional films, etc., giving consideration to the integration of commercial functions and artistic aesthetics, and achieving commercial value while spreading beauty. Moreover, the naked eye 3D cool visual experience improves the combination of commercial advertising and transparent display art, and helps create a good business atmosphere, As a result, "we are also recycling a product called hips (high impact polystyrene) inside the refrigerator The white plastic is a brand-new landmark in Dongxihu District

as night falls and the lights begin to shine, the city lights up the night life and starts the development of night tourism economy, which makes the originally cold and desolate city flow with the hot blood turned into light, illuminates the beauty of the city, and makes people who are busy find the beauty of the night in the city. BOE (BOE) is combining different hardware, software, systems and contents to provide IOT solutions integrating hardware and software for segmented scenes, so that people can experience a smarter and better life

in recent years, with the continuous promotion of the regional planning and development of Wuhan airport economic and Technological Development Zone, the development momentum of the East West Lake area is great. Now the East West Lake is one of the most potential areas in Wuhan! Recently, Dongxihu lake has received many good news, and regional development is about to break out in an all-round way

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