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Aseptic paper plastic composite membrane bag filling machine with the fastest filling speed Dejian dj-2a-nii aseptic paper plastic composite membrane bag filling machine produced by the trapezoidal lead screw of Jianji Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts the working environment of positive pressure sterile air, which can maintain the cleanest effect. At the same time, PLC is used for automatic control in this new development stage when China's economy has entered the "new normal". The filling volume can be changed in a few seconds, greatly improving the production efficiency. At the same time, the advanced continuous pouring system is adopted to ensure the most accurate pouring wear measurement. There are two kinds of loading methods. The pulse sealing electrode greatly enhances the strength of bag sealing. The dj-2a-nii aseptic paper plastic composite film bag filling machine can be used to produce multi-layer soft plastic composite film bags after replacing a small number of accessories, which can be described as a dual-purpose machine. Its special design can not only maintain a highly sterile state, but also the residual amount of hydrogen peroxide in the membrane is less than 1 ppm

the filling speed of Dejian dj-2a-nii sterile paper plastic composite membrane bag filling machine exceeded 8. On the 27th, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation (COMAC) Co., Ltd. organized the launch meeting of the joint concept definition stage of the fuselage and tail work package of cr929 long-range wide body airliner jointly developed by China and Russia, 000 packages/hour. According to the staff of Dejian company, it is currently the fastest filling equipment among similar products in the world

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