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High quality ECU diagnostic testing

nowadays, engineers engaged in ECU development must face the fact that the function and complexity of ECU are increasing, but the development cycle is shortening. Therefore, this has a significant impact on the diagnostic method. The number of monitored parameters and the correlation between parameters lead to a large increase in the diagnostic function of ECU

in order to meet these challenges, an efficient and consistent test environment becomes extremely important. The test environment must be able to be applied at an early stage to ensure that it can adapt to the special test range and test depth, and that different ECU variables can be processed in the regression test

generally, a large number of tests will be automated. Since the test has been carried out in the early stage of the project, it can save a lot of costs in the short term. However, many tests are not suitable for automation, or the automation operation is too complex. For example, this is the case in all tests that require the high cooperation of testers (for example, when ECU response must be monitored), which requires manual operation to continue running

softing's testcase and DTS Monaco tools provide the best solution for the increasingly complex ECU development

therefore, in order to meet all requirements, a variety of tools are required. The test description tool can specify the test scope at an early stage, and the best time is after the ECU specification is approved, the sooner the better. The test range is not necessarily limited to ECU, so it can also be set as a general range. At the same time, since the actual test cases are specified and run in the automated test, the automated test tool is also required. Generally speaking, there are only slight changes between the test ranges of ECU variables. Therefore, repeatability is also very important here. The creation of test cases must be very simple to avoid errors, and must have great flexibility to apply to special cases, that is, to allow regression testing

testcase automated testing combines the customer's existing testing environment with the new testing tools provided to it, making it possible to conduct comprehensive testing in a very short time

for tests that cannot or should not be automated, interactive test tools can be used for processing, and must be able to run easily in ECU and display ECU data. Special attention must be paid to the possibility of document testing. All the details that should be paid attention to can be found in the test, and the incentives can be confirmed through analysis tools. Since engineers do not need to recreate the general conditions of the test, they can immediately know the causes of these problems, so in many cases, this is a prerequisite for the efficient removal of such causes

of course, this does not require the use of a single tool; On the contrary, integrating tools saves a lot of time and cost. However, if all specified tools are in the same configuration, it will be particularly advantageous, but the system will be triggered by an ultraviolet light source that can be detected in the visible spectrum, because this means that no additional investment is required and will not affect the test results. In terms of diagnostic method, current configuration usually includes ODX data used to describe ECU communication, configuration of hardware interface (usually interactive electronic white version entering CANBUS in controller area), and parameterization of various tools

softing combines its testcase and DTS tools to provide the best solution for diagnostic testing. Testcase automated testing combines the customer's existing testing environment with the provision of new testing tools, making it possible to conduct comprehensive testing in a very short time. No matter what problems should be paid attention to in automated testing, customers can use DTS Monaco for detailed analysis. In addition, DTS Monaco can also be used when automated testing is not feasible

testcase is a comprehensive automatic test tool for the whole ECU test, especially suitable for diagnostic test. Because it supports the creation of general test cases, the tool can be applied in the early stage of the program, which makes the actual oil absorption test range of ECU can be defined independently. Because the test specification is established in the test tool, it saves a lot of time and avoids errors in transmission, so it is easy to reuse the existing test cases

next, the test case is completed and ECU development is started. This means that after the first ECU function is completed, the test can be started, and the amount of time saved during this period is unimaginable. Using the grapher to create test cases, you can automatically eliminate related errors that may occur when using complex programming languages

after creating a test case, it can be easily reused for other ECU variables and new ECU. Test cases can be used for all regression tests to quickly amortize the investment

testcase pays special attention to structured documents. The report will quickly inform users of what problems must be paid attention to and enable them to have an in-depth understanding of the causes of the problems

DTS Monaco can be used for detailed analysis no matter what problems should be paid attention to in automated testing. From the structured display of all communication results directly entering ODX data to the visualization of hexadecimal bus data, the whole process is very perfect. The parameterization of ODX data is easy to modify, which means that almost the same conditions apply to automated testing. All communication results, including error messages, are displayed in an understandable manner, which makes it easier for testers to follow up. D has started to produce products for the business departments of natvar, colorite and action technology in dnib. The communication recording function in TS Monaco is very suitable for file preparation and offline analysis

in addition, generally, DTS Monaco can be used if automated testing is not feasible or difficult to achieve. In such cases, the tool provides an extended library for user oriented views. For example, the interface elements such as buttons and scroll bars, and the fixture is a combination of these structures, which can be used to trigger various operations in ECU. In addition, it also includes some proprietary interface elements, which can make the communication data appear in a way suitable for special application cases

testcase combined with DTS Monaco ensures a high level of diagnostic testing. Automated testing effectively increases the scope and depth of testing, while ensuring critical reproducibility and accurate test documentation. Manual testing means that users can quickly find out the problems that should be paid attention to, so as to systematically and effectively obtain high-level results. If these tools are used continuously from the beginning, they can meet the required quality standards at an early stage and be completed on time. Many ECU variables can maintain a high level of results with regression tests that can be inferred quickly

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