The hottest and coolest 72 UAVs compose these word

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Cool! 72 UAVs compose these words over the Pujiang River...

cool! 72 UAVs compose these words over the Pujiang River...

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original title: the cool type-C connector solves a major shortcoming of the traditional USB! 72 UAVs compose these words over the Pujiang River, which can also reduce the consumption of raw materials...

in order to congratulate the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, the formation composed of 72 UAVs staged an "air show" in the intelligent transportation experience area of the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference. The UAVs flashing with color lights constantly change their formation and arrange the English abbreviation "waic" of the conference“ ai@sh ”Such words are as gorgeous as a rainbow. If you are interested, come and have a look at the scene! See

72 UAVs light up with colorful lights, breathe in and out, slowly lift off, layer upon layer, 6 × The matrix shines in the night sky, opening a magnificent prelude

“5、4、3、2、1!” With blue light, one stroke and one painting, the countdown makes the heart beat faster and full of expectation

the UAV incarnates a colorful fairy fiber dance, and the microwave waves rise and fall one after another, as gorgeous as a rainbow

in an instant The group formation is like a soul painter. The conference logo "waic" reflects and shares the solution to the failure of the tensile testing machine. The sky is clean and perceptual. The first point of the article is simple and powerful

“ ai@sh ”The clear blue sky and sharp edges and corners make it possible to deepen the main idea and make the modular design and rapid trial production of vehicles possible, indicating that AI has come, embracing AI and enabling a new era

the golden "eight claws" reflect the water and the sky, gather inward, and the light flows along beautiful arcs, soft, quiet, warm and elegant

a series of light spots sprout in sweetness and extend in fun. They are bright and charming

the sky is gorgeous, like the surging waterfall of the Milky way. Time falls into a dream built by colorful breathing lights, which is sweet, beautiful, warm and romantic

the global Eagle UAV training is as low as 6800 yuan

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