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Fast service and product upgrading - Delta UPS provides power guarantee for the data room of Nankai University

with the progress of the times, people's requirements for the power supply system of the data room are constantly changing In recent years, in addition to the safe and reliable products, convenient expansion and flexible configuration, the personalized services provided by manufacturers will also receive more and more attention Recently, it was learned from Tianjin Nankai University that its reactive power consumption of energy has been further increased. The data room adopts delta brand UPS under Zhongda Diantong, which largely depends on its fast and meticulous service

delta UPS has repeatedly shouldered the important task of uninterrupted power support in important places such as university data rooms and laboratories, escorted the power system of famous universities such as Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and Xi'an University of science and technology, and has rich experience in the construction of university data rooms. This time, the modular Delta C series UPS provided to Tianjin University is the key to its success. Users only need to, A series of upgrades can be carried out by gradually adding modules, which is very convenient

as a famous university with a history of 100 years, Nankai University has 22 professional departments, covering literature, history, philosophy and economics The pulley on the toothed bar and its track have 12 categories, including excessive dust, corrosion, pipe, method, etc. it is a research university covering all disciplines. We not only attach importance to environmental protection Nankai University not only requires stable and reliable products and powerful expansion functions, but also has almost stringent requirements for services As we all know, no matter how reliable the scheme is, no matter how good the equipment is, there will always be failures. It is ultimately the manufacturer's service that can provide security for the power supply system of the data center

Zhongda Diantong has always been aiming at "providing high-quality uninterruptible power supply products that are not worthy of attention and 100% satisfactory service to customers" Over the years, it has formed a huge and perfect system: 7*24-hour customers; Clearly record the installation location, installation date, maintenance and patrol inspection records of each UPS; Strict training and certification for service engineers; More than 200 professional engineers are deployed in 35 branches and service points nationwide; Adopt the policy of free within warranty and lifelong service for the products sold; In case of emergency, it can also open a quick and fast green service channel Zhongda Diantong's meticulous and considerate service has won the recognition and favor of many customers

according to the statistics of relevant departments, since 2006, the domestic annual investment in the construction of data centers has reached more than 10 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate of investment in the future will be more than 20% So far, many government universities, financial departments, enterprises and institutions have planned to build data centers, but most of them are still in the process of construction "It's a long way to go". With meticulous and considerate services, Zhongda Diantong will go further in the construction of small and medium-sized data rooms in the future

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