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Large enterprises: the fastest growing managed PBX Market

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cti Forum () news on February 27 (compilation/old Qin): the research of Oriental management group shows that the growth of enterprise applications will double its share in the PBX Market by 2022

until recently, large enterprises with more than 1000 employees have purchased a large number of IP PBXs for employee communication. However, the promise to respond to the customer's problems within 2 hours has changed. In a survey conducted by the Eastern Management Group on these enterprises in 2017, only 60% of the enterprises purchased IP PBX as their switching equipment. By 2022, less than half of enterprises will use IP PBX for most intra company communications

when enterprises with more than 20000 employees are surveyed, the situation of IP PBX is even worse. Only 55% of enterprises have recently purchased IP PBX. By 2022, only 30% of these large enterprises will still use IP PBX. In the next five years, the decline of IP PBX was as high as 45%

research analysts of Oriental Management Group recently completed a four-year study on the custody market and published the study in a new report. More than 3500 IT managers worldwide were surveyed. In this article, we present some research results on enterprise managed PBX

enterprises are the fastest growing managed PBX Market. By 2022, enterprises with more than 1000 employees will double the market share of their managed systems. And the cost of buying hybrid cloud systems will nearly triple. This growth is likely to continue for several years

for many reasons, most enterprises have not installed managed PBX. Some IT managers do not want to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions out of control. They think this is the result of embracing the cloud. Other enterprises have not yet used cloud computing, which may be a stepping stone for cloud PBX applications. We have heard from many IT managers who recently introduced managed PBX after their successful experience in cloud computing. For them, getting cloud voice is just the next step. Since 10% of enterprises use cloud computing, this may mean that 90% of the enterprise market is an untapped opportunity for hosting PBX providers

get material characteristics: all indoor temperatures of the model experiment are basically maintained at 2025e. Some vertical markets for PBX sales managed by enterprises include banking, education, medical treatment and public utilities. As each of these industries has dozens or hundreds of branches, custody and hybrid sales are growing in these industries. These vertical markets also drive SIP sales, including SIP trunking, session boundary controllers, SIP and services

some large switch suppliers use carrier grade technology to provide managed PBX solutions for enterprise customers in order to give full play to the advantages of this spray foaming process. Level 5 carrier network switches with deep foundation include UC - lucent, Cisco and ribbon communication

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