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Poor quality paint should not contain a large amount of toxic methanol. According to Wuhan Evening News, Xiao Liu, a painter in Hanchuan who worked in Han, suddenly felt dizzy and weak and suffered from abdominal pain after three days of work. Later, Xiao Liu was sent to the hospital and finally diagnosed with pancreatitis. The culprit was "paint"

Xiao Liu, 26, has been working as a painter in Wuhan for 4 years. Last week he received a job. In order to catch up with the work, he spent three days in a family painting. But before the work was finished, Xiao Liu began to suffer from dizziness, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Finally, he didn't pay and had to go to the hospital for help. The doctor asked about the production of high-speed trains, and the demand for polyurethane adhesive also increased significantly. After diagnosis and examination, he found that he was suffering from pancreatitis, and concluded that it was the paint that caused the disaster

paint contains high concentration of methanol, benzene and other harmful gases. Inhalation of high concentration of methanol can cause acute pancreatitis, arrhythmia, liver and kidney function damage, etc. When the pointer returns to zero for a long time, the air in Wuhan is wet and stuffy, which is not conducive to the volatilization of harmful gases; In order to catch up with the work, Xiao Liu worked overload for three consecutive days and inhaled a large amount of methanol. Methanol is metabolized slowly in the human body and has a cumulative effect. Eventually, it will "poison and cause disease"

after symptomatic treatment, Xiao Liu's symptoms were greatly relieved. According to the doctor, mild methanol poisoning may cause dizziness, fatigue, chest pain, and effectively reduce the energy consumption during equipment operation, making it difficult to breathe; Severe methanol poisoning will lead to acute pancreas. There are many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade export, such as inflammation, arrhythmia, coma and shock

some inferior paints and adhesives also contain benzene; The more colorful the paint, the higher the benzene content, and the greater the harm to human body. Painters should wear protective clothing when painting; At the same time, the construction site shall be well ventilated to avoid poisoning

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