The hottest signs of recovery are uncertain, and t

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The signs of recovery are uncertain. The mining machinery industry will still have low growth

the signs of recovery are uncertain. The mining machinery industry will still have low growth

the width direction on the large area and its extension to the strip shall not be greater than, MM1 China Construction machinery information

on November 25, Xuzhou fell its first heavy snow since the beginning of winter. On this day, the delegates attending the 19th annual meeting of China's mining machinery industry in 2015 poured in from all over the country despite the wind and snow, making China's mining machinery industry in the "cold winter" feel a little warm in the cold

on the 26th, the annual meeting focusing on the theme of "knowing innovation, innovation, and foresight for the future" was held as scheduled. Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Zeng Guang'an, President of excavation machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, and Li Hongbao, executive vice president and secretary general, attended the conference. More than 200 industry giants and supporting suppliers, sales agents and media representatives from caterpillar, Komatsu, Sany, Zoomlion, Liugong, Xiamen and other industries gathered together to seek the future development direction of China's mining machinery industry under the "new normal" and explore the new impetus for the transformation and upgrading of the industry

In his speech, Li Hongbao said that in the past few years, with the development and changes of China's economy, China's mining machinery industry has experienced considerable fluctuations, including blowout growth and cliff like continuous decline. Now, the "golden decade" has passed. In the face of the new economic situation and market environment, China's mining machinery industry has entered the "new normal" development stage and is in the critical period of transformation and upgrading. It is true that the transformation and upgrading costs are high, the investment is large, and the risk is high. Many entrepreneurs fall into the state of "pulling the sword and looking at the heart at a loss". But at this time, we need to sum up the past, recognize the present, strengthen our faith, and find a way to break the situation of "hanging the cloud and sailing the sea"

according to the statistical analysis of the survey data of the mining machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, as of September 2015, there were about 50 enterprises investing in and planning to produce mining machinery in China, including about 30 enterprises with large-scale production; The planned production capacity is about 500000 sets; There are about 200 agents. A total of more than 500 mining machinery products of different models and specifications are sold, and the weight of a single machine is 1~537 tons. Among them, the 29 host machine manufacturers included in the statistics of the branch sold 47765 sets of various types of mining machinery products in the first three quarters of 2015, a decrease of 36.2% over the same period last year. Calculated by the sales volume of comparable enterprises, the first quarter fell by 48.0% compared with the same period last year, the second quarter fell by 35.1%, and the third quarter fell by 34.5%. The mobile volume of the 10 prefix that can be measured by the 2015 experimental machine itself fell by 41.2% in the first three quarters of the year, with a significant decline, and the signs of recovery are not clear

Li Hongbao finally pointed out that "we can know the new by reviewing the past, and innovation leads to change". The road of transformation is not smooth, nor will it be achieved overnight. In the face of the new situation, only with a forward-looking vision, insight into the changes in the market, taking the initiative in structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading and technological innovation, and constantly seeking new breakthroughs, can we achieve transformation, end the pain, and make "future sustainable development" possible

domestic brands hold up half the wall. If the contacts and circuit boards of installed components are coated with insulating varnish, Jiangshan

from the perspective of market pattern, before 2010, Japanese brands dominated the market, with a small fluctuation in the market share of 34% to 37%, and a small contraction in the share of European and American brands. After 2010, the share of European and American brands increased slightly, while the share of Japanese and Korean brands continued to shrink, falling by nearly 10% in five years. At the same time, the relationship between domestic brands and Korean brands is basically "the same as each other", and the market share has increased significantly. Before 2006, the market share of domestic brands was less than 20%, and in 2015, it has occupied half of the country, reaching 51.2% market share

from the perspective of product structure, the sales volume of each model of 10 Chinese excavators has also changed significantly. Before 2010, the proportion of small excavation has basically not changed, the proportion of medium excavation has slightly decreased, and the proportion of large excavation has increased by 5%. Since 2010, the proportion of medium excavation has shrunk rapidly, with a decrease of 21%, and the proportion of large excavation has decreased by nearly 5%. On the contrary, the market has responded well, and the market share has expanded rapidly to 64.8%, an increase of 26 percentage points over 2010

in terms of regional distribution, with the further promotion of the western development, the proportion of sales volume in the western region in the total sales volume has increased from 27.9% in 2006 to 39.6% today. On the contrary, with the slowdown of urban infrastructure construction in the eastern region, the sales of mining machinery also showed a shrinking trend, with a 9% market share reduction in 10 years. The proportion of sales in the central region is basically maintained in the range of 28% - 32%

Song Fei, chairman of Yantai Aidi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the leading enterprises in the domestic hydraulic crushing hammer industry, said that the company's main business includes two parts: hydraulic parts for excavators and accessories for excavators. At present, the market situation of hydraulic parts is divided into two parts, one is the domestic service market and the remanufacture market, and the other is the overseas market. The sales volume of accessories used in excavators, especially crushing hammers, can reach 1000 in 2015. In order to further expand the production scale and realize the long-term plan of the enterprise, the company has added a 120000 square meter construction site, which is currently under construction, mainly for the production of hydraulic crushing hammers. Song Fei said that whether at home or abroad, Eddie is constantly looking for hot spots in the cold. We can't complain or complain

as a representative of domestic brands, Liu Zhong, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., pointed out in the keynote speech "facing challenges, positioning and stable operation", that the sharp decline in demand, shrinking profits, serious inventory backlog and high accounts receivable are the four major problems faced by current construction machinery enterprises. The challenge of excavator industry in the future is very serious, but the opportunity is still unprecedented. For example, overseas exports are increasing. The market is forming a forced mechanism, forcing enterprises to carry out transformation and upgrading, such as Sany from production to production + service, and sany agents from host sales to post market. He said that although the downward pressure on China's macro economy is increasing, the basic characteristics of development have not changed. For a long time in the future, China will still be the world's largest excavator market

sustainable development of foreign brands

at this annual meeting, Chen Qihua, global vice president of caterpillar and chairman of caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Wang Ziguang, general manager and CEO of Komatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd., as representatives of foreign brands, shared their sustainable development with you

in his special speech entitled "sustainable development", Chen Qihua shared with you the sustainable development path of caterpillar and agents walking side by side. In 1926, a blue book "acrosthetable" established the relationship of mutual respect, trust and win-win between caterpillar and agents, which has continued to this day and continues to be sublimated. Agents are the bridge for caterpillar to deliver value to customers. In the future, caterpillar will continue to improve its agency system in China, establish a sustainable agency mechanism, and share weal and woe with agents

he also shared caterpillar's successful experience in enterprise sustainable development from six aspects: first, Caterpillar's global business model serves customers with solid product quality and gives products a long life cycle, which is the secret of Caterpillar's success for 90 years. Second, product sustainability. From product design to manufacturing, caterpillar adheres to the standard of global consistency and embodies product sustainability in every link. The long life cycle of sustainable products has always been the goal of caterpillar. Third, help customers improve sustainable operation, pay attention to customer needs, use the least resources and the most advanced technology to provide customers with the best service and realize social and economic benefits. Fourth, focus on the sustainability of communities and the environment. Fifth, establish a sustainable agency system. Sixth, sustainable innovation

Chen Qihua said that in 2016, caterpillar will continue to face severe challenges. Although it faces many difficulties and challenges, caterpillar will continue to invest in research and development, and its business model will keep pace with the times, adjust measures to local conditions, and constantly expand its business model according to different regions and economies to adapt to sustainable development, especially in China

Wang Ziguang made a profound explanation on how to deal with the relationship with agents, grasp the current market, and judge the future market. He pointed out that at present, there are three major problems in China's economy: government debt, bank bad debts and overcapacity. The construction machinery market is also seriously unbalanced. Agents are partners to jointly build brand value with enterprises, and they are a relationship between lips and teeth. Under difficult circumstances, we should change the operating principle of the experimental machine. There is a fundamentally fixed chuck on the body of the experimental machine to keep pace and work together to overcome difficulties. Therefore, it is not a matter of waiting until there is a storm, but of anticipating the storm before it comes and reducing the attack of the storm. "Stronger" is more important than "bigger". The concept of "stronger" is to be able to resist risks. It is necessary to develop when the market is good and when the market is bad

grasp the present and look forward to the future

"thank those enterprises that have left for their contributions to the industry, and thank those enterprises that are still holding on to continue to make new contributions to the transformation and upgrading of the industry." At the excavator annual meeting, Qi Jun used two "thanks" as his opening remarks. Then, in his speech, he summarized the basic situation of the development of China's construction machinery industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and looked forward to the development opportunities that the construction machinery industry will usher in during the 13th Five Year Plan period

Qi Jun said that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China's construction machinery industry promoted transformation and upgrading and continued to be driven by innovation. China's construction machinery brand influence, enterprise management level, value chain capacity and many other aspects have achieved remarkable results, and China's construction machinery products have met the needs of the industry. Among them, the industry has made remarkable achievements in the expansion of the overall scale, the comprehensive coverage of product lines, the improvement of global business network, the establishment of overseas R & D centers, the innovation of circular economy and green manufacturing products, and the application of informatization. However, at the same time, problems still exist, such as the surplus of industrial structure, the treatment of original equipment that does not meet the emission standards in the new stage, the chaos of post market order, and the lack of enterprise innovation mechanism and innovation ability. To solve problems and realize the sustainable development of enterprises and industries, we need to work together to grasp the new development opportunities brought by the 13th five year plan

for the upcoming "13th five year plan", Qi Jun also interpreted the relevant good news for everyone. First of all, energy-saving and green products have great market development potential, especially the market development prospect of environmental protection machinery is expected; Secondly, the construction of underground pipe gallery will become a key investment area, with an annual investment of 1trillion yuan; Secondly, construction machinery products in extreme environments such as high cold, high temperature and high altitude will also have great development, such as marine engineering machinery, large and super large dredgers, underwater bulldozers, marine mainframe and other special needs

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