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SGL Group – the carbon company, the world's leading manufacturer of carbon and graphite materials, showed innovative product solutions for strategic development industries, including automotive, aviation and wind energy when impacting workpieces, at the JEC composite exhibition in Paris, France recently. The exhibits include the products and applications of the whole value chain from precursor, carbon fiber, fabric, prepreg to finished structural components

J ü rgen K, vice chairman of carbon fiber and composites business department? According to Dr. hler; "An obvious trend of this year's JEC exhibition is the upgrading of materials, which can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and protect natural resources through the use of innovative materials. Carbon fiber technology plays a vital role in automotive and other industries. Our joint venture with BMW Group has made carbon fiber used in mass production for the first time, which is a milestone in the future development of lightweight structures in the automotive industry."

as the only European carbon fiber manufacturer, Sigri group has rich experience and profound professional knowledge in the field of fiber composite technology, and is a reliable partner in the strategic development industry

in addition, Sigri Group continues to develop innovative light-weight materials with special material properties, thus creating a new generation of carbon fiber products, and has formulated new standards in terms of quality, performance, service life and efficiency

at this exhibition, Sigri group also exhibited for the first time the passenger compartment completely made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic for a BMW prototype car, and the carbon fiber and carbon fiber fabric used were manufactured by Sigri automotive carbon fiber Co., Ltd. (SGL ACF). Siegli automotive carbon fiber Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company jointly established by siegli group and BMW Group. The two production bases are located in Lake mosey, Washington, USA and waksdorf, Germany

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