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Sika launched a new type of automotive glass replacement adhesive product

Sika today launched two new types of automotive glass replacement (agr) adhesive products: sikatack ® Mach 30 and sikatack ® MACH 60。

both are cold applied products, sikatack ® The safe driving time of Mach 30 is up to 30 minutes, while sikatack ® Mach 60 lasts for 1 hour. Both products adopt reinforced polymer technology, which quickly forms super strong adhesion during the replacement and installation of automobile windshield. Marius mavrodin, vice president of after sales marketing, said, "sikatack ® Mach 30 and sikatack ® Mach 60 continues the historical brand sikatack of Sika ® And has established a leading position in the agr market. They have excellent handling characteristics and shorter safe driving departure time. "

SikaTack ® Mach 30 and sikatack ® Mach 60 will be packaged in 465ml each of HP's current partners, including Evonik, BASF, Arkema and Lehmann Voss. This unique packaging design can cover more than 95% of the safety of standard automobile windscreens on the market. It requires a large range of experimental machine installation requirements to avoid waste in most cases. This kind of packaging can speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, process, technology and equipment design, and better promote the spray gun to meet the ergonomic requirements in the process of polyurethane application

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