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Mr. Andre hack, the German industry manager of sick, attended the 2011 AMS China International Automobile Manufacturing Conference. Sick has been committed to providing efficient, safe, environmental protection leading technology and innovative, customized solutions for the automotive industry.

as a bronze sponsor, sick, one of the world's leading sensor suppliers, participated in the second AMS China International Automotive Manufacturing Conference (AMS 2011) held at InterContinental Shanghai Jinjiang Thomson hotel from June 28 to 30, 2011. At this meeting, many guests and representatives from well-known automobile manufacturers and technology suppliers gathered to discuss the challenges faced by improving the quality of automobile manufacturing. Mr. Andre hack and Mr. liurongxing, managers of sick strategic industry, made a speech at the meeting, explaining the application of sick automation solutions in the automotive industry

Mr. Andre hack, manager of sick's German strategic industry (first from the right), and Mr. liurongxing, manager of sick's China strategic industry (second from the right), attended the meeting

guest representatives had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the theme of improving the quality of automobile manufacturing

the strong growth of China's automobile manufacturing and sales in recent years has attracted attention. Automobile manufacturers not only pay attention to expanding production and sales, but also pursue excellence in quality. Sick has been committed to providing efficient, safe and environmentally friendly leading technology and innovative solutions for the automotive manufacturing industry, including early-stage consulting services, product design, and project implementation. Sick can provide customers with complete and customized solutions, so it has won the favor of many well-known automotive manufacturers

Mr. Andre hack introduced Sike's sensing technology solutions for the automotive manufacturing industry

Mr. Liu Rongxing introduced Sike's automotive industry team and technical support network

to provide faster technology and quality services for customers in the Asia Pacific region

Mr. Xu from Chery Automobile shared their experience and experience in improving product quality and production efficiency through the application of sick sensor solutions

Xu Xian, Jinan Xinshi, let's share some functions, uses and operation period of the hydraulic pressure testing machine. The large manufacturer of the gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. is trusted by the majority of users. The external diameter of Chery Automobile must also be φ 6- φ 11 the sharing and introduction of the latest application

sick aroused the interest of many guests. After the meeting, they came to consult product details, exchange and discuss technical problems and solutions

Mr. Andre hack exchanged business cards with guests

Mr. Andre hack exchanged technical experience with guests

the heated discussion on improving the quality of automobile manufacturing did not end with the end of this meeting. Sick will continue to adhere to the concept of independence, leadership and innovation, always pay attention to the sustainable development of customers, continue to innovate, and provide customers with better customized automation application solutions

about sick sensor intelligence (sick smart sensor expert) -- sick focuses on providing increasingly intelligent sensor components and overall solutions for logistics automation, factory automation and process automation. Founded in 1946, sik has developed into a group company active in the world, with more than 5000 employees and a sales performance of 748million euros in 2010. Continuous innovation, leading technology and strict cost control ensure the leading position of Sike in the application market in many fields

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