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Sikebai has advanced into China's cigarette bag printing industry with new measures. Sikebai (SICPA), a world-famous professional ink company, invested US $12million in China to establish sikebai (Shanghai) Ink Co., Ltd., which is committed to the promotion of China's environmental friendly ink market and provides Chinese printers with high-quality ink and timely and thoughtful services. The products cover gravure and flexo printing of paper and plastic, aluminum foil printing, UV, decorative paper, wallpaper, etc. It has also developed a number of environmental protection projects in cooperation with printing plants in China

new technology of replacing aluminum coating film on cigarette wrapped aluminum cardboard with metal ink

at present, aluminum coated (cardboard) paper and aluminum foil composite (cardboard) paper are used as the substrate of many cigarette packets in China. Their disadvantage is that when such discarded cigarette packets are buried underground, they are not renewable. According to environmental protection requirements, sikba (Shanghai) company can provide metal ink to replace the matte surface of aluminum cardboard. We call this kind of ink fake gold ink. The advantage of fake gold ink is that the unit cost of packaging is reduced; The cost of raw materials is not 2 Higher sensitivity, easy to be affected by the fluctuation of aluminum powder price, and easier to control; Reduce the loss in the printing stage; The package is easier to be consistent, less curl, and the printing surface can be more consistent; It can be recycled, which solves the disadvantage of non renewable aluminum paperboard

the gravure printing ink market in China is dominated by environmental friendly water-based inks

at present, the printing inks used in cigarette packs circulating in the Chinese market are mostly alcohol soluble and benzene soluble inks, and their disadvantages are flammable and toxic. According to the trend of environmental protection requirements of market development, sikba (Shanghai) company introduced the latest product - water-based ink from its European headquarters to replace the above ink. The advantages of water-based ink are low residue of printing solvent, less pollution, low odor, and less solvent released into the air, which is more obvious for high pollution areas; It can solve technical problems, such as making gradient and dot printing more perfect; It reduces the possibility of burning solvents and improves the working environment of printing plants; Reduce the risk of fire; Water is used as diluent, which is cheap; 2. The utilization rate of the effective spacing ink of the experimental machine will play a positive role in ensuring the domestic and even global supply of lithium carbonate; Prints show high concentration gloss; Good smoothness of ink; Suitable for high-speed printing. Now, many modern printing machines in China adopt new processes to produce parts brush machines, without modifying the machines. They only need to optimize the engraving indicators of the plate roller, such as shallow depth, finer screen, and increasing the air volume of the printing machine, and then they can be printed with water-based ink

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