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On the afternoon of the 30th, Lin Bofeng, vice chairman of the Taiwan Federation of industry, chairman of the Taiwan Glass Industry Association and chairman of the Taiwan Glass Industry Corporation, led a delegation of Taiwanese businessmen to Bengbu for an inspection visit. Municipal leaders Chen Qitao, Zhou Chunyu, Cao Longcan, and municipal government Secretary General Wu Zhongyao cordially met with Lin Bofeng and his delegation

During the meeting, Chen Qitao, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, extended a warm welcome to Lin Bofeng and his delegation. Chen Qitao said that in recent years, our city has accelerated the strategic tasks of promoting scientific development, transformation development and leapfrog development, and comprehensively accelerated industrial development and urban construction. At the same time, our cooperation with Taiwan funded enterprises has continued to achieve new results. Once the temperature is too high, we will unswervingly continue to implement the opening-up drive strategy, adhere to the concept of being friendly to business, ensuring business, supporting business and enriching business, and with first-class enthusiasm, first-class service and first-class policies, let Taiwan funded enterprises investing in Bengbu feel at ease to invest, start businesses and develop with confidence, and jointly create a better future of win-win cooperation

Zhou Chunyu, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Bengbu, introduced the situation of Bengbu and the development of the glass industry to Lin Bofeng and his delegation during the meeting. He said that in recent years, Bengbu's economy has developed rapidly, and the city's appearance has changed dramatically. With broad development space, huge market potential and strong human capital, Bengbu is attracting more and more investors. We sincerely welcome all entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity to bring your capital, talents, advanced technology and management experience to Bengbu and open a new chapter of our win-win development

Lin Bofeng and his delegation expressed their gratitude to the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. He said that Taiwan Glass Group's investment in Bengbu has been highly valued and supported by Bengbu City. At present, the project is being actively promoted, which proves that our choice is correct. It is hoped that with the strong support of Bengbu City, the project can start construction as soon as possible. At the same time, it is also hoped that this inspection will be an opportunity for more Taiwan businessmen to know Bengbu, understand Bengbu, and invest these friction testing machines in Bengbu, and take more static position selection to inspect the friction test pieces

as an important comprehensive industrial base in Anhui, our city has a good industrial foundation. After years of cultivation, especially in the area of glass industry agglomeration, an industrial development pattern represented by display glass, photovoltaic glass, energy-saving glass, glass powder materials and glass equipment has been formed. In recent years, famous enterprises such as AVIC Sanxin, China building materials, Zhongpu new light source and Shengguang technology have been introduced successively, laying a good foundation for industrial clustering and large-scale development. Our city has a good policy environment. In addition to enjoying the strategic policy of the rise of central China, it also enjoys the national policy of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China. Hewu Beng independent innovation comprehensive experimental zone has entered the national "3+1" Experimental Zone, and the pilot of enterprise equity and dividend incentives has been carried out with reference to the Zhongguancun independent innovation demonstration zone. In order to encourage the industry to strengthen the city, our city has also formulated a series of supportive and encouraging preferential policies to strive to create a policy "depression" that fully connects with the developed coastal areas. Our city has a good bearing environment. At present, there are 1 National High-tech Zone, 6 provincial development zones and 10 characteristic industrial parks, which provide carrier support for enterprise agglomeration and industrial clusters. Our city has a good government environment, and the cycle can be preset in recent years. We will further promote the construction of organ efficiency, and strive to build Bengbu into one of the regions with the least approval links, the strongest service awareness and the highest efficiency, so as to effectively provide good services for investors. 2 For the sake of the safety of the operators themselves. In order to attract Taiwan funded enterprises to Bengbu for development, our city has also established a Taiwan Industrial Park. At present, a number of enterprises such as Taiwan Inova Tire Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Dacheng Group have settled down, and the development momentum is good

the delegation also watched the new version of Bengbu City promotional film; Representatives of Taiwan businessmen who invested in Bengal made speeches at the symposium

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