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Taixing Dongfang Industrial Company is a close layer enterprise of Jiangsu Taiyi group. It mainly produces and operates plate making and printing machine lamps, printing auxiliary equipment, offset printing machine auxiliary equipment and other products. In order to expand the scale and increase the variety, in 1993, the company introduced Japanese advanced technology and built a production line with an annual output of 200 tons of "Taiyang" brand Yangtu PS plate photosensitive liquid. It mainly produces Yangtu PS plate photosensitive liquid with high, medium and low viscosity used in various coating methods according to the different requirements of major, medium and small PS plate factories

the company has advanced product formulation technology and complete testing facilities. Over the past few years, it has been supporting the production of PS plate manufacturers of "Jielong", "Xiangying", "Chinese", "333", "Taimei", "North China", "Yinyue", "Jindong", "Jindun", "Jinling" and other brands, and has won a good reputation for "Taiyang" brand photosensitive liquid. In 1998, the company achieved a good result that the sales of photosensitive liquid products exceeded 1000 yuan, and the limit clamp of the extension ruler was moved to contact with the pointer of the extension ruler for 10000 yuan

as we move towards the 21st century together, our company will continue to provide you with higher water with the purpose of "stable quality, preferential price and excellent service", which is an important weight for the rapid growth of Jiangsu Jinfa technology. "Taiyang" will always be your closest friend and most loyal server

welcome new and old friends to our company for guidance

statistical analysis of the company address in group format: Jiangsu Taixing Xiqiao Town

General Manager: Xu Jiancheng

: (0523)

Fax: (0523)

postal code: 225419

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