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Taiwei Technology: the exhibition shows the demeanor of a great general with a bright sword

at present, Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition has become a truly world leading exhibition of ceramic industry. At the 2014 Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition, well-known enterprises at home and abroad concentrated on displaying the world's latest ceramic technology and equipment, as well as leading technologies in energy conservation, low-carbon and environmental protection. New products have always been the most dazzling highlight of the exhibition. The increasingly fierce ink-jet competition pattern has prompted many ink-jet equipment manufacturers to display new technologies and equipment professionally and intensively with the help of international platforms

as a typical representative of Chinese inkjet equipment manufacturers, Shanghai Taiwei Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taiwei") has more clearly realized how important it is to launch the equipment most needed by customers to the market, and how important it is to show domestic advanced inkjet equipment in front of world peers

with the help of the popularity of the industrial exhibition, adhering to the concept of continuous innovation, on May 21, Taiwei, with a huge product lineup, made a magnificent appearance in booth k513 of 8.1 inkjet Museum. Among them, there are not only revolutionary digital glaze spraying equipment - tglazjet glaze spraying machine, but also non sintering printer, three degree sintering printer, large-scale ceramic inkjet printer and other equipment. In the view of competitors, the participation of Taiwei is reasonable, while in the view of domestic and foreign customers, the emergence of Taiwei's strong product lineup has caused infinite shock and created many surprises

product research and development has always been customer-oriented

"many new and old customers showed great interest when they learned that Taiwei has launched a glaze spraying machine, which is the most gratifying for us." Xu Lei, the sales director of Taiwei, said confidently after receiving customers

with the expansion of the production capacity of inkjet products, many ceramic enterprises said that in order to achieve stability, inkjet equipment should also meet the needs of enterprises for high production capacity, and produce more personalized products, so as to avoid products falling into homogeneous competition. Xu Lei said that equipment manufacturers should continue to approach enterprises, and the product development direction should meet the needs of more different enterprises to the greatest extent: "I 1 is to reduce the speed and improve the torque of the output shaft. Their equipment development will tend to be diversified and more adaptable, and different sprinkler heads will be used to print different tile surface effects, so as to give customers more choices." As for some customers' demand that the ink-jet channel can be expanded infinitely, Xu Lei said, "the value of the ink-jet machine is that it has complete functions and can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent, rather than blindly expanding the channel or simply changing the volume of the equipment."

while developing products, Taiwei also "has been paying attention to the development of nozzles". Xu Lei said that in the future, the company will continue to improve the performance of equipment that closely follows the development of sprinkler technology, and work closely with color glaze and ink manufacturers to fully develop equipment that fully meets and meets customer requirements

according to Xu Lei, the latest tglazjet glaze spraying machine launched by Taiwei has creatively broken through the thinking of "integrated printing of color and glaze". Instead, it uses color and glaze to print separately, and adds the drying process, which can make the application scope of the glaze spraying machine more extensive and meet the different needs of customers

Xu Lei told that the tglazjet digital glaze spraying machine of Taiwei can spray functional inks such as sagging glaze, metal glaze, flashing glaze, matte glaze, etc. through the digital positioning method, it can be combined with the inkjet machine to realize the precise positioning of functional inks on demand, avoid unnecessary material waste, and even realize the special effect of the surface of ceramic tiles without the help of molds, and make the products more personalized and unique, improving the product grade, Unable to copy, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency

taking the popular sagging glaze as an example, the amount of glaze sprayed by Taiwei tglazjet digital glaze spraying machine is large. The developed sagging glaze tiles can form a fine concave convex touch, a clear three-dimensional feeling and a strong sense of hierarchy without the help of a mold. With other special glazes, the product has richer expressiveness and higher added value

take the exhibition as an opportunity to promote globalization strategy

industrial exhibition is a window for domestic enterprises to show their image to domestic and foreign customers. During the interview at Taiwei booth, Xu Lei received customers from Iran, India and other countries, as well as Guangxi, Shandong, Fujian, Sichuan and other regions in just over 20 minutes after the plastic rope was stretched. "At present, the demand for inkjet equipment in other production areas except Foshan is increasing. We will also adjust the strategic layout according to the market demand, and promote the globalization strategy while expanding the domestic market."

according to the relevant person in charge, during the exhibition, more than 400 merchants came to visit and consult the Taiwei booth every day. Even when the exhibition was about to withdraw on the last day of the exhibition, there were still customers consulting about the relevant situation, hoping to achieve long-term and far-reaching cooperation

it is understood that Taiwei goes to exhibitions in more than a dozen countries and regions around the world every year, including the United States, Germany, and the demand immediately makes up for the pressure; Only charge nitrogen into the accumulator; Italy, Dubai, France, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and other countries. Although it is very hard to participate in exhibitions around the world, the promotion year after year has laid a solid and solid foundation for today's Taiwei brand to register and establish a brand in the world. Today, Taiwei brand is registered in nearly 60 major countries around the world. Now, Taiwei still participates in many exhibitions every year and promotes in many industry media around the world

this is because with such a heart and mind, Taiwei never regards innovation as a means to compete with its peers, but hopes that the word "innovation" will drive more innovation in the industry and make China's inkjet equipment truly comparable with foreign countries. "Foreign counterparts can develop good equipment at present, and so can Chinese counterparts." Hu Yushuang said that at present, Taiwei's equipment has been put into use in nearly 80 countries and regions around the world, and its share in the world market is increasing day by day

for many people engaged in marketing, "the fragrance of wine is afraid of the depth of the alley" seems to have become the golden rule, but Taiwei doesn't think so. It is the consistent principle of Taiwei to do a solid job in products and services and meet customers' needs to the greatest extent. At this industrial exhibition, the popularity of Taiwei booth and the high evaluation of Taiwei from domestic and foreign merchants have explained everything

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