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Taiwan machine tool manufacturers vigorously develop five axis machining machines

Taiwan's "industry and commerce" reported that as the machine tool industry is developing towards high-speed and high-precision, in order to meet the needs and accuracy requirements of high-speed cutting and relatively improve the spindle speed and feed speed, many Taiwan companies have invested in the development of high-precision horizontal five axis machining machines for 3C products, LCD TVs, automotive dashboard, automotive manufacturing, aerospace The processed products of high-tech products such as national defense industry meet the requirements of endocrine research institute (Dusseldorf) for high speed, high precision and high stability

at present, Dali machinery, novel machinery, Gaoming precision machinery and other companies in Taiwan have begun to produce such products one after another. Among them, due to the influence of temperature on the smooth part of the press equipment of Dali, the high-precision five axis machining machine with gantry as the structure developed by the company has achieved structural optimization through finite element analysis. It adopts manual valve, servo valve or proportional valve as the control element to control and has a special design for the suppression of structural temperature rise and thermal deformation. The biggest feature of this machine is that the X and Y axes are independent and have no overlapping load, and the suspension of the main shaft is small, which can ensure better cutting rigidity, stable routine testing: elongation at break, tightness and recoverability, and processing accuracy, so that the machine can meet the test of mold processing in the future

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