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Taixing has become a global fine chemical industry cooperation base

the global alliance of small and medium-sized enterprises recently awarded the title of the global fine chemical industry cluster cooperation base of Jiangsu Taixing economic development zone

Carlos, chairman of the global alliance of small and medium-sized enterprises and former director general of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, said that an international expert group would be arranged to provide high-end decision support and advanced technology for the base planning; Organize and arrange international equity investment funds and venture capital funds, connect with key investment projects of industrial clusters, and help enterprises in industrial clusters introduce overseas strategic investors. At the same time, we will help introduce foreign large enterprises with high relevance and driving ability, and enable them to deliver them safely and quickly, which are far away and have a wide range of radiation, so as to effectively promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial clusters in the global value chain

the global alliance of small and medium-sized enterprises has the resources of chambers of Commerce in various countries and 1.5 million members of small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. It is a bridge to promote the cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises around the world, and has built products and ties of chemical materials such as caprolactam, nylon 6, fluoropolymers, etc. Jiangsu Taixing economic development zone is a professional park with fine chemicals as the leading advantage industry, which has attracted more than 180 enterprises at home and abroad. The major projects that have been built include the 100000 ton ionic membrane caustic soda project invested by Singapore Pan Asia Group, the 120000 ton liquefied gas storage and transportation project invested by Malaysia Pacific liquefied gas company, the 50000 ton polyacrylamide project protection convenience project invested by France SNF company Akzon Nobel in the Netherlands includes specific processing suggestions from solvent to cooling. The 25000 ton chloroacetic acid project invested by the chemicals company and the carboxymethyl cellulose project of naviant in Finland have formed industrial chains and clusters of chlor alkali chemical industry, coal chemical industry, plastics and so on

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