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Taiwan universities want to work with Quanzhou Textile Institute to provide intellectual support for industrial development

"Taiwan's textile and clothing industry started early and developed rapidly, accumulated rich experience and advanced technology, and formed a relatively mature system, especially in clothing monitoring and evaluation, material development, clothing design, etc. what it lacks now is mainly large cluster textile and clothing production bases and auxiliary materials and accessories production resources. However, in this regard, Shishi has very obvious conditions and unique advantages." A few days ago, Professor zhengguobin, director of the Department of fiber and conforming materials at Fengjia University in Taiwan, said in an interview: "if the two sides can carry out in-depth cooperation, it will achieve a perfect combination, mutual benefit and win-win results."

on July 23, Zheng Guobin and well-known experts and scholars in Taiwan's textile industry came to Shishi to communicate with Shishi peers. This is his fifth visit to Shishi. He told that he knew Shishi's textile and clothing industry very well and was very optimistic about the development prospect of Shishi's textile and clothing industry. "For so many years, I have been paying attention to the development of Shishi textile and clothing industry. Generally speaking, it has developed rapidly, and the grade, quality and brand awareness of products have also come up, but there are still several aspects that need to be worked hard. For example, scientific and technological forces and design talents."

Zheng Guobin said that talents depend on education. Today, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the application of new technology and new equipment puts forward higher requirements for design talents and teaching. He said that many Taiwan Universities and mainland universities have created a precedent for cooperation and exchange, which not only ensures the resolution of the experiment, but also extends the service life of the experimental machine. If the conditions are mature, Fengjia university is willing to carry out exchanges and cooperation with Quanzhou textile and clothing college in terms of talents, resources, technology and so on. At that time, scientific researchers from both sides of the Strait can be organized to conduct academic exchanges and research, jointly develop products and technological innovation, jointly promote the innovation of scientific and technological resonance testing machine, jointly advise on the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and jointly push Shishi's textile and clothing industry to a new climax of development. For this proposal, Quanzhou has also improved the measurement resolution by four times. Jg/t 3034.1 (1) 996 college welcomes the ultrasonic flaw detection and quality classification method for welded ball joints of textile and clothing steel grid welds. Mr. Wu, the vice president of the college, said that he is very willing to work together with his counterparts in Taiwan to overcome difficulties and provide intellectual support in talent and technology for Shishi and even Fujian textile industry

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