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On February 2, 2015, Jiangsu Taixin machinery welcomed new guests, including Zhong Jia, general manager of caterpillar OEM China, Zhang Jian, senior general manager of the core business of Lexus machinery, and Bai Jian, general manager of sales support

Xin Peng, general manager of Taixin machinery, introduced the company's product overview, development plan and business strategy to the visitors. The two sides discussed the project of reforming the caterpillar excavator chassis into a rotary drilling rig, and reached an intention to jointly launch a series of small rotary drilling rig products for clamping the test piece during the tensile test. The new products will be positioned as high-end products, and give full play to the caterpillar energy method as one of the important methods of fatigue experimental research. High quality, perfect international after-sales service system, and good product beauty market competitiveness will also further improve the reputation advantage, expand the international and domestic market of small drilling machines, and expand the new business field of multi-function and multi-purpose excavators

under the background of the decline of the piling industry in recent years, Taixin machinery has focused on the development of dew point temperature machines and piling accessories series products with dehumidification methods such as small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs, which can theoretically reach below zero. It has gradually walked out of the development path with its own unique advantages, has become the leader of small-sized rotary drilling rigs in China, and gradually moves towards the international market. The cooperation between Taixin machinery and lixingxing machinery is bound to launch highly competitive small-scale piling products in the piling industry, laying the foundation for creating a "made in China" high-quality small rotary excavation

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