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don't worry. Next, I'll introduce Taiyuan Anchuan welding robot accessories in detail. However, those enterprises still dominate. Today, let's check the top ten Taiyuan Anchuan welding robot brands in the world! 1. FANUC FANUC is a Japanese company specializing in numerical control system, which was established in 1956. It is a large professional CNC system manufacturer overseas, accounting for 70% of the shopping malls in the world. Fanuc first introduced the electro-hydraulic stepping motor in 1959, which increased the shrinkage of plastic parts because the gate solidified before the end of pressure maintaining. In the following years, it gradually promoted and improved the hardware based open-loop numerical control system. In the 1970s, due to the better temperature resistance of the material, the microelectronics skills and power electronics skills were often driven by the rapid reading of computing skills. FANUC company resolutely abandoned the electro-hydraulic stepping motor numerical control products that made it a fortune. On the one hand, it introduced the working principle and skills of DC servo electricity from gettes company

6. Effectively reduce the material consumption rate. 7. It can work continuously for 24 hours and in a black light environment; 8. It can make the manufacturing process flexible. In the future, PCB profession will present more and more small batch orders. Using Taiyuan Anchuan electric welding robot can greatly advance the flexibility of production and complete the rapid delivery of orders. Advance of brand image and promise. The application of industrial robots makes the initiative level of PCB manufacturers further advance, driving the progress of production quality and land volume, production power, cost control, response ability and so on, and advancing the overall competitive strength of manufacturers in the profession. Prospect of industrial robots in PCB profession at present, the application of industrial robots in PCB profession is still in its infancy, and it still faces many problems of demand management

2. From the application of simple robots to the application combined with AGV and other intelligent equipment. Most of the materials transferred between the production lines of the existing processes are manually operated, and the orderly transfer of materials can be completed by the combination of Taiyuan Anchuan electric welding robot and AGV. The existing factory is mainly used in part, and the construction of the new factory will be planned as a whole, which will directly introduce the demand of the machine cooling and thermal shock testing machine industry. The market is quietly changing the application of machine people and AGV. The combination of industrial robots and IOT will make the manufacturing process more intelligent and flexible. For an enterprise, the handling and maintenance of Taiyuan Anchuan electric welding robot is a new skill type of work. It not only requires the handling and care personnel to master the fundamental principles of industrial robot skills, but also requires them to master the skills of robot equipment, debugging, system programming, repair, etc

Taiyuan Anchuan electric welding robot accessories, therefore, the promotion of robot skills will drive the promotion of other skills, and the development and application level of robot skills can also verify the promotion level of a country's scientific skills and industrial skills. Robots liberate people from heavy physical work. With the rapid promotion of Taiyuan Anchuan electric welding robot skills and the display of artificial intelligence, robots are no longer the behemoth that transfers heavy objects. Let's watch the application of industrial machine human sensors in various fields. The application of human sensors in various fields of industrial machines. 1. Two dimensional vision sensor. The key of two-dimensional vision sensor is a camera, which can realize the functions of object motion detection and positioning. Two dimensional vision sensor has been shown for a long time. A large number of intelligent cameras can coordinate the action route of industrial robots and adjust the behavior of robots according to the received information

feeling system: it is composed of internal sensor module and external sensor module to obtain the information of internal and external environmental conditions. Robot environment interaction system: a system to realize the communication and coordination between industrial robots and equipment in the external environment. Human machine interaction system: it is an equipment control system for 283 steel structure fire retardant coating operators to participate in the robot control and robot practice contact. According to the robot's operation instruction program and the signal reflected from the sensor, the practical organization of the robot is allocated to realize the movement and function of the rules. 3 What is robot freedom? How many degrees of freedom does the orientation operation of Taiyuan Anchuan electric welding robot need? How many degrees of freedom does posture operation require? Why? The degree of freedom refers to the number of coordinate axis motion possessed by the robot, which should not accommodate the opening and closing degree of freedom of the gripper (end manipulator). Six degrees of freedom are required to describe the orientation and posture of an object in three-dimensional space, three degrees of freedom are required for orientation operation (waist, shoulder and elbow), and three degrees of freedom are required for posture operation (pitch, yaw and roll)

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